Clear My Space™ and Attract™ Set


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Features Clear My Space™ and Attract™ Essences.

2 fl oz spray4 fl oz spray
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Companion Essences for Clearing Your Energy and Creating Abundance. Features the following Essences:

Clear My Space™ acts as a fantastic smoke-free incense or sage alternative and is safe to use in virtually any environment, even around pets. Clear My Space™ is also a perfect solution if you are a healing practitioner who likes to clear out your work spaces between clients, bringing your area into a higher vibrational light and detoxing any negativity or lingering, unwanted energies. It’s great for homes and offices where many people interact, and is also excellent to use in vehicles as well.

Attract™ Essence helps with manifesting and drawing in what you want. It contains flower & gemstone essences and color frequencies designed to create abundance..

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2 fl oz spray, 4 fl oz spray


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