Clear My Space™ and Lighten Up™ Companion Set


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Features Clear My Space™ and Lighten Up™ Essences for clearing and lifting emotions.

2 fl oz spray4 fl oz spray
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.Features Shanti Kai™ Clear My Space™ and Lighten Up™ Essences:

Clear My Space™ Aura and Room Cleanse: Purifies spaces and/or aura; clears out negative energy while drawing in vibrations of peace and light. An excellent incense or sage alternative. Great to use in office spaces or work environments, at home, in vehicles, and after being in crowded spaces or places.

Lighten Up™ is for an emotional lift. Promotes a sense of lightness and well-being. Spray during times of stress, emotional imbalance, or spray in a room or space to lighten the atmosphere..


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