.Featuring a few of our favorite Essences from our Naturopathic Sleep Blog!

Sahasrara™ Chakra Essence, for balancing your crown chakra, the energy center that relates to spirituality and that governs circadian rhythms, so important for a peaceful night’s rest.

Amethyst Light™ vibrates with purple color frequencies, signaling Archangel Zadkiel, Angel of forgiveness. This Essence may help you find forgiveness (a good practice before sleep), and invoke wisdom while you slumber.

Harmony™ helps you to get all 3 wheels (mind, body, spirit) spinning in the same direction.

Intuition™ may help deepen your meditation, soften the effects of lunar energies, and encourage greater balance. It has a luminescent quality, “like being comforted by the Moon Goddess herself”, empowering you toward healing while you sleep.

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