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Pair 2020 Gold™, our blend for capitalizing on this Year of the Metal Rat, with our Companion Essence recommendations, targeted for each sign.

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.2020 Gold™ is our limited edition Essence for 2020, Year of the Metal Rat. According to the ancient system of Chinese Astrology, The Year of the Metal Rat holds great potential for helping you to align with energies of achievement and success, as well as intelligence and perseverance – all qualities that can help you in working towards your goals. 2020 Gold™ Master Essence helps align you with the energy of your upper chakras to connect you with higher levels of thinking and creativity. It is designed to help you access the new energy and potential available to you for this year.

All signs benefit from 2020 Gold™, but here are a couple of ideas for pairings to tailor to your particular sign.

Rat: Rat has aspects this year that suggest good energy for relationships, however, Rat is also in challenging aspect with the star Tai Sui, which is believed to make you more prone to negative thinking and possibly more accident prone. Pair with: Removing Obstacles™ and Guardian Angel™.

Ox: Ox is in harmony with the star Tai Sui this year, suggesting that it will be a harmonious year, without too many changes. Ox has a few lucky stars in their constellation this year as well, and aspects that suggest you may receive good advice from people in power. Pair with: Ajna™: Third Eye Chakra and/or Attract™.

Tiger: Tiger will be influenced by the star Yi Ma this year, which represents mobility and points to opportunities for travel. Tiger will also have the star Gu Chen in their constellation, a star that represents bad moods, suggesting that it will be beneficial to take care of your mental health. Pair with: MercurEase™ and/or Lighten Up™.

Rabbit: Rabbit is positively aspected with the star Hong Luan this year, which is believed to represent positive relationships. Pair with: Venus™ and/or Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra.

Dragon: Dragon will have the benefits of San Tai this year, a star that is believed to represent elevated social status. Other aspects suggest that it might be a good idea to step away from arguments that may arise this year. Pair with: Harmony™ and Prosperity™.

Snake: Snake’s relationship with the star Yue De this year suggest that doing good deeds could bring transformation to seemingly difficult situations. Aspects this year also suggest that hard work will bring you gains. Pair 2020 Gold™ with: Anahata™: Heart Chakra and Transformation™.

Horse: Horse aspects with the star Tai Sui this year suggest the need for hard work, and that relationships could possibly be in focus.

Pair with: Venus™ and Mars™.

Goat: Goat is aspected with the star Tai Sui this year in a way that is believed to draw you into arguments or gossip. The stars Zi Wei and Long De are also in your constellation and suggest that good help and advice could help you this year. Pair with: Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra and/or Cattleya Orchid Blend™.

Monkey: Monkey will have a positive aspect with the star Tai Sui this year, suggesting stability, peaceful relationships, and a chance to advance in their line of work. Pair with: Manipura™: Solar Plexus Chakra and/or Empower™.

Rooster: The Rooster is influenced by stars Tian Xi and Xian Chi, which are believed to be lucky stars for relationships and suggest a positive focus on romantic and business relationships this year. Aspects suggest that showing ambition at work could make it more likely for you to receive a promotion, but that you also may be more prone to injuries this year. Pair with: Venus™ and/or Mars™.

Dog: Dog has peaceful star alignments this year, suggesting a time to recharge. Aspects suggest that it may be a good year for getting a promotion or advancing your business. Pair with: Emerald Light™ and/or Ruby Master™ Blend.

Pig: This year Pig is influenced by the star Mo Yue, which is believed to help you advance in your position or see improvements in your business. Aspects suggest, however, that you may need to keep an eye on your personal belongings this year. Pair with: Prosperity™ and/or Guardian Angel™ and/or ImmunEase™.

Read more at: 2020 Gold™ Essence Pairings for Year of the Metal Rat.

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