4th Anahata™: Heart Chakra


Anahata: Heart Chakra Spray for balancing and opening the Heart Chakra, encourages forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Size: 2oz Spray.

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.Would you like to experience greater peace and harmony in your relationships? Would you like to feel you can trust your own intuition and let your heart guide you? The wisdom and love that comes from your heart has great transformational powers. Accessing it requires breaking free of resentment, judgement, and criticism, and opening your Heart Chakra to a greater experience of love.

A balanced Heart Chakra can promote:

  • Virtues of compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love
  • Feelings of expansiveness / increased abundance
  • Healthy lungs, thymus, and heart
  • Improved familial relations / acceptance of others
  • Resolution of conflicts & differences

An imbalanced Heart Chakra might manifest as:

  • Heart Problems
  • Breathing/Respiratory Problems
  • Resentment and grudges / mistrust
  • Grief, Sadness/Loneliness
  • An overly critical nature
  • Lack of joy and happiness
  • Emotional turbulence
  • Feelings of suffocation, or being stuck or trapped
  • A General sense of lacking or neediness

How it Works:

Our Anahata (Heart) Chakra Essence™ can be used directly over the front and back of Heart Chakra (chest and thymus region) as well as the forehead, hands, and spine area to help balance and open the Heart Chakra.

Ingredients: Vibrational Infusions of 6 Flowers, 8 Orchids, 17 Gemstones, 2 Precious Metals, and Frequencies of Pink and Green Light in 20% Alcohol and Purified Water.

Anahata™ Companion Essences:

While it’s not necessary to use other products to receive benefit, below are a list of ways we recommend using Anahata™ Heart Chakra Essence:

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