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Intuition Essence: Harmonizing with the Moon ~ Developing 6th Sense

Helps both men and women attune to nature’s lunar cycles to balance their inner rhythms. May especially benefit women’s cycles and stages of motherhood.

It is commonly believed that we are influenced by the Moon’s cycle and gravitational pull. The frequencies emanating from the Moon affect the frequencies of our mental body, i.e. our feelings, emotions, and desires. New moons represent new beginnings and are the ideal time to kick off new projects, build energy towards things you want to accomplish, or initiate new relationships. Full moons are a great time to reap the benefits and harvest all of that energy that has been building. When the moon is full and bright, its pull on us is heightened – emotional (water) energies increase and our intuitive side is enhanced. The illuminating light of the full moon brings everything out into the open. As the moon is waning, it is a good time to let go and shed unwanted energies. Intuition Essence helps you harmonize with lunar energy, maximizing the benefits of the moon’s cyclical influence in ways that best suit you.

Shanti Kai™ Intuition Essence blends soft yin vibrational energies from certain gemstones with flowers such as Night Blooming Cactus – which vibrationally emits an iridescent pinkish-silver light when sprayed as a Shanti Kai™ essence – and a special rare orchid which enhances connection to the Divine Feminine and helps you tap the wisdom that resides therein. It is furthermore enriched with flowers that help develop vision, foresight and intuition, and gemstones that activate the third eye, such as Covellite. Some of the vibrational infusions selected for this blend help put you more in touch emotionally. The more you are in tune with the moon and her rhythmic nature, the more easily and gracefully you will move from one phase of life to the next, the more in touch you will be emotionally, and the more in tune with nature you will become. When you are in tune with nature and we are in sync with all that is, your intuition is much keener and your inner knowing or inner vision much more pronounced.

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