Tree Agate Essence

Tree Agate has been referred to as trees branches trapped in a gemstone (due to its appearance), and its essence carries a strong connection to the Earth. It moreover brings grounding and feelings of calm and can help you to form a spiritual connection with the nature realm, especially trees. Due to its Earth connection, many ancient cultures have associated it with harvest and plenty, and it’s Essence can aid you in attracting prosperity. Its essence promotes feelings of security and emotional balance, as well as a heightened sense of protecting the environment. It can also help dispel fears associated with the earth, such as of earthquakes and natural disasters, and if you have been affected by environmental fallout (i.e. radiation or otherwise), to regain your sense of balance.

Tree Agate Essence has a strong connection with the circulatory and nervous systems and is believed to strengthen the flow of prana or chi, of life force energy, through your nerves, veins, vessels and arteries. It helps you to harness the energy from your outer chakras and channel them inward, strengthening your core and directing your energy in a downward motion, from your head to your feet. It also works to strengthen circulation in your legs and feet and may be beneficial for alleviating blockages in your heart chakra, especially as caused by inner tension, overwhelm, and/or from being stretched too far. Its essence can further help balance and stimulate circulation along your spine, abdomen and stomach. Tree Agate Essence increases your connection to the nature realms and can help you feel more connected (and interconnected), nourished and in harmony with others and the world around you. It can help improve the flow of chi in your relationships with people, pets, and plants, promoting a sense of harmony and gratitude. Tree Agate Essence helps connect you with your ancestral roots and may be especially beneficial for clearing inherited beliefs. It’s essence may also energetically assist with realigning your vertebrae, and may assist with strengthening the overall energy and also condition of your bones. Strong bones are a symbol of youth and longevity, and similarly, this essence has also been believed to induce youth and to help slow aging.

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