Rosy Trumpet Tree Flower Essence

Rosy Trumpet Tree Essence encourages stability and balance; it helps you sort out what is yours, and what belongs to others. It may especially benefit you if you’re highly sensitive to the energies of others, and/or that of your environment and/or you tend to become emotionally distracted by the feelings you pick up from the world around you -and what they trigger within you; this essence can help ground your energy so you can push past the “interference” and stay on track (of whatever it is you set out to achieve).

Rosy Trumpet Tree Essence can help you to fine tune your emotional boundaries to prevent taking on thoughts and feelings that would discourage you from achieving your goals.
It works to release internal blockages that would cause increased pressure, tension and stress. It moreover aids your body-mind in the “filtering” of emotions, especially during times of stress, and can also aid your body in managing issues of water retention, swelling, and inflammation. Its essence works to release blockages that would cause increased internal pressure. In fact, medicinal properties of the tree have long been used for alleviating swelling and inflammation, and to restore balance and equilibrium to whole body systems when under duress.