Chakra Release Kit


Chakra Release Kit is for clearing and balancing the seven chakras (the major energy centers of the human body). Contains 2oz sprays of our 7 main Chakra Essences and a 4oz spray of Release It™.

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Chakra Release Kit for Clearing Your Chakras

Features 2oz sprays of each Chakra Essence and a 4oz spray of Release It.

Release It™: For releasing and clearing deep seated energy blocks.

Root Chakra Spray: Use to release fears and anxieties associated with having enough time, money, energy, luck, work, support, etc, and to draw in energy of abundance.

Sacral Chakra Spray: Use to stimulate creativity, balance sexuality, heal or mend relationship issues, and balance reproductive energies.

Solar Plexus Chakra Spray: Use to help increase confidence and self worth (especially as relating to your work or service), to balance your emotions, and increase self empowerment.

Heart Chakra Spray: Helps open the heart and encourage forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Throat Chakra Spray: Use for creativity, expression, and healthy communication and relationships.

Third-Eye Chakra Spray: Promotes the development of clarity, intuition, expanded consciousness, and the release of criticisms and judgement.

Crown Chakra Spray: Helps with balancing and opening the Crown Chakra, where the mind, body & spirit connect. Helps to bring about a greater sense of purpose, worthiness, and oneness with all beings.

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Working with our Chakra Line.

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