Clears Psychic Debris
Connects Heaven & Earth
Inspires Love & Communication

Helps to balance and align all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. This particular essence is especially cleansing for throat and third eye chakras.

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Turquoise Essence

Turquoise Essence helps to balance and align all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies (Gurudas). This particular variety of Turquoise by Shanti Kai™️, is especially cleansing for the throat and third eye chakras as well.

Turquoise Essence inspires heartfelt love and communication, as well as detoxifies the third eye- clearing it of mental clutter and psychic debris (ie all the images you take in through your eyes). It also relates to cleansing of the throat chakra -which pertains to all the words held back- choked down, left unsaid, or that you were forced to “eat”. Turquoise Essence empowers you to express your heart, and brings the wisdom, foresight, and clarity to do so. Turquoise Essence increasingly opens your heart to the joy that comes from living in the present moment, anchored in your truth. When your throat and heart are connected and in sync, wisdom and clarity flows from above.

Turquoise Essence has the unique property of uniting Heaven and Earth as well as Masculine and Feminine energies at once. It works to deepen your love of the Earth- and Her deep rooted wisdom- while at the same time helping you soar to new heights. expanding in the vast, clear space of “Father Sky”. Its Essence, when assimilated into your energy field, simultaneously helps you connect to both perspectives- so below as it is above – encouraging you to find harmony and unity with those around you; even if they have seemingly polarizing or dualistic views compared to yours.

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