Tree Jasmine Flower Essence

While there are many types of tree Jasmine, this particular Hawaiian variety has a magical and/or ethereal quality to it, aligning you with serendipity and hope. It invokes feelings of love and enchantment and inspires you to renewed faith and the belief that all things are possible. Indeed, Tree Jasmine Essence brings back a certain quality of “magic” into your life, sparking your imagination and widening your dreams . It acts on the throat and upper heart chakras, connecting you more readily to higher knowledge, divine truth and unconditional love. Energetically it helps clear the emotional body around the throat and heart chakra, encouraging release of resentments, grudges, grief and despair. Tree Jasmine Essence helps restore you to childlike joy and innocence- to the world of possibility that once existed. Emotionally, it may help you attract love and romance, and even great friendships into your life. If you are often stressed in your work, Tree Jasmine Essence can help remind you to have fun with what you do. It fosters feelings of safety and may improve your quality of sleep, as well as enliven your dreamworld and ability to remember [your dreams].

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