Lemurian Quartz

The Lemurian Quartz Master Blend essence is available in 1/2oz Drops or 2oz Spray.

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Lemurian Quartz Master Blend

It is commonly believed that Lemurian Quartz Crystal is meant to help one connect with Lemuria and benefit from the vibrational blueprint Lemurians left within these crystals. Since the Lemurians were strong in their heart chakras and possessed divine love, using Shanti Kai™ Lemurian Quartz Master Blend may help teach you to open up and find unity, forgiveness (of self and others) and oneness (with source and all creation).

Lemurian Quartz from our Gemstone Master Line is designed to help one tap into their own seed blueprint, clearing energetic blockages which would prevent one from realigning with the higher gifts and abilities of their soul. It opens up the upper chakras, working through the heart – which may benefit the ascension process. It also works to connect one to his or her higher self and spiritual help. It is a great essence for one looking to strengthen and deepen their meditation practice. Lemurian Quartz is also a great essence for those doing healing work as it deepens the connection and provides insight into a client’s needs.

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0.5 fl oz dropper, 2 fl oz spray


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