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Manifest ~ Create ~ Draw In

Attract™ Essence helps with manifesting and drawing in what you want. It contains flower & gemstone essences and color frequencies designed to create abundance.

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Attract™ Essence:
Is there somewhere in your life that could use a little boost? A little help manifesting your needs or desires?

  • In relationships – are you seeking a romantic partner?
  • Financially – could you use a little more money?
  • A better job, more success in your career, a bigger home
  • Perhaps you’re looking to start a family
  • Attract new friends and draw in more love and support in your life?
  • Or, maybe it’s simpler than that, and you’d just like a little more time to yourself

Whatever it is you’re seeking, our Attract™ Essence may just be the ultimate manifestation tool to help you succeed.

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How it Works

The desire to expand, to become more is not just human nature. It’s found throughout nature in many different energies and forms:

  • Certain tropical flowers, such as Bird of Paradise (which is found in this essence blend), go to great lengths with big bold colorful embellishments to attract bees to their otherwise tiny little flowers.
  • Gemstones too, such as Yellow Sapphire also found in this blend, resonate at certain frequencies that have long since been believed to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Other key ingredients may help release karmic or energetic blocks (such as deep seated belief systems or inherited patterns) that would otherwise hinder expansion and the ability to attract more.
  • Moreover, Gold Essence, a key ingredient in our Attract™ Essence, has the property of amplifying other ingredients and is key to elevating the vibrational frequencies of the Heart Chakra so that it resonates at its optimal capacity; this is key because while our beliefs and thoughts matter, ultimately, we attract from the energy center of our hearts, not our minds.

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We suggest this essence be taken over time with an open mind; we suggest you pay attention to your thoughts and ideas, and also to synchronicity and coincidences, for these are ways in which the living vibrational energies contained in this blend may communicate or interact with you. And while we sometimes hear of amazing stories wherein money practically falls off trees for people after they start this essence, it’s more likely that you’ll be attracted to an idea, person, place, or means wherein you’ll find something you’ve been looking for that leads to something more, which then leads to something more… Such as a chance meeting with someone who knows someone who has exactly what you’re looking for. Or being guided to make a few changes that then shift your energy so you can more easily attract what you want.

While it’s not necessary to pair our Attract™ Essence blend with other Essences, some people wish to hone it’s use or magnify its energy by coupling it with other blends. Below are a few of our suggestions.

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Vibrational infusions of 6 Flowers, 1 Orchid, 13 Gemstones, 2 Precious Metals, and 6 Essential Oils in Purified Water and 20% Brandy (as a preservative)

Additional information


2 fl oz spray, 4 fl oz spray


Spray: 3-5 sprays 2x/day or as needed or desired. May be especially beneficial over front and back of Root & lower Chakras and throughout Aura. Also good to spray in place of business. Shake well.

(Note: Toothpaste, sugar, alcohol, refined foods, or tobacco within 30 minutes of use may minimize or negate effects.)

9 reviews for Attract™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was feeling so stuck. Unable to feel like I could help myself create anything or make anything good happen. This spray really helped to break down my peripheries to see beyond what I was used to seeing and create more opportunities out of would be dead ends.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hannah Taua

    For this spray I like to use in combination with others to attract or magnify the intensity of the other spray. In other words I’m using it to attract what the other spray maybe. A funny story, I had a client use this spray and she was already using ATHENA. She told me for some reason one day a whole bunch of dogs were barking at her, not in a bad way, they wanted to be near her. She wasn’t the only one who noticed people around her did too. I thought that was pretty funny. It wasn’t my intention for her to do those two sprays together it just kind of happen that way. I use ATTRACT to bring in more of what ever the client is already projecting. So, if one is very positive this will amplify that vibration.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I recommended Attract and Transitions to a friend whose house was stuck on the market for a long time to get things moving and it worked. You may still have to work with it some but it definitely gets stuff moving – it aligns you. You still have to pay attention to what comes your way. Mostly I notice an expanded sense or expansion energy around clients working with Attract.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was navigating the dating scene and started to get frustrated that I wasn’t meeting anyone that I really liked or felt compatible with. I started using Attract and it occurred to me that I needed to alter a few things I was doing. Suddenly everything turned around in such a positive way and I started meeting guys who fit what I was looking for. I love this essence, it really worked for me.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I started working with Shanti Kai Attract Essence to help me meet different needs my family was encountering. As an unsupported single mother, I always felt I couldn’t keep up with other families when it came to providing for my kids. I used Release It and Attract to move past blockages as we kept having unforeseen expenses pop up out of nowhere…then I started working with Attract and Empower and this really helped me in my work to feel I could make it happen and inspired me to put myself out there more. For once I felt I could get out of the debt my family was in and get in the flow. It has made a big difference, thank you, Shanti Kai!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    I used this essence when I want confidence, Meeting new Awakening People

  7. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is my first Shanti Kai product I purchased. I just started using Attract Essence, but when I spray it on my body, I feel passionate yet clear high vibration surrounding me. I never felt this kind of immediate sensation from any other similar products and I’m very impressed. I can’t wait to try more Shanti Kai essences and I truly believe the essence helps me manifest my dreams. Thank you.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I consider myself to be fairly ambitious in the workplace and I’m always on the lookout for taking on more responsibility and a larger role for myself. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it comes to me all the time or quickly, but I realized that after taking Attract a quick turn of events at work put me in a new position with a lot more visibility and responsibility. I didn’t really grasp the situation when it was happening at first, someone left my department and initially we weren’t sure how to fill the gap so I volunteered myself and next thing I new I had attracted the interest of managers several levels above me and being asked if they could spend some time talking to me about a larger role. I realized that Attract was working in an “ah-ha” moment when I stepped into an elevator leaving work and a director stepped in with me to talk to me about my new responsibilities. It was like I could feel Attract changing events toward this.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    This essence is so helpful in so many ways. Sometimes I’ll receive material items after having taken it for a while, that I really needed. Other times I feel a mental shift after taking it. Most recently, I was taking it to help with some worries I was having about abundance, and had a realization a few minutes after spraying that I needed to shift my focus to the divine presence within me, the real source of my prosperity, rather than the activity in my bank account.

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