Sapphire Gemstone“One of the things I’m enjoying doing in my last few days in Sri Lanka is selecting some top sapphires to bring back for our gemstone essence line. There are a plethora to choose from, but not all are equal in energy – and most are not good for essences. And did you know right now, we offer a sapphire line that I personally mined from Gem Mountain in Montana? It’s near my grandparent’s cabin. They let you pay for a bucket of dirt and you can sit and sift for sapphires for days. Playing in the dirt looking for crystals – omg I was obsessed and in a sort of time warp for days to the point my grandparents got upset because they hadn’t seen me. I found a huge 13 Carot blue sapphire there, a rather large pink one, and many many small ones – 3 Carot or less. I even made the wall of fame for largest sapphires found. We also have lavender, yellow, white and pink sapphires from Mozambique, Australia, and other parts of the world.”
– Dr. Jayme Jensen

Sapphire Essence Blend may help us to connect to Spirit, God, and our Divine purpose. It may give us clarity and inspiration from higher self and activate intuition and sixth sense capabilities. May help those prone to emotional lows, poor self esteem, and those who struggle with self expression to find greater joy/peace, confidence, awareness and purpose.

A customer named Rose Ellen from Texas sent us this email:

I have been taking the sapphire essence for about a month now and with my first use I noticed it right away- which was to my surprise because I didn’t think I would feel it. I instantly felt lighter like it brought my playfulness or happiness back that I’d been missing since a relationship ended badly. With continued use I noticed other things have subtly shifted, as I’ve felt the release of the sadness from different experiences occasionally come up – I feel like each time that happens I feel a little bit lighter and brighter and even excited again for the future. Other times I feel heavy again but unlike before where it would stay that way I use the essence and it’s like the light breaks back through again.