So, who is Mercury anyway?

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods in both astrology and mythology, governing communication, travel, and technology. Mercury is about CONNECTION. Successful communication, travel and properly functioning technology all require connection.

What does it mean, “Mercury in Retrograde?”

Due to an optical illusion, three or four times a year for a period of roughly three weeks, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in orbit, hence the phrase “Mercury in Retrograde”. This can have a significant influence on the aspects of your life that involves communication, scheduling, travel, and technology.  While technological and travel snafus can cause terrible stress, often your biggest challenge under Mercury Retrograde is the miscommunication that negatively impacts our relationships. In this day and age with communication and technology being virtually inseparable, the effects of retrograde can seem exponential.

What are the most recognizable experiences during Mercury Retrograde?

  • Scheduling changes & interruptions (often sudden or seemingly out of nowhere);
  • Technological interference… things like dropped calls, signaling interference, electronics malfunctioning (i.e. printers jamming, cell phones freezing, computer problems, internet issues, lost mail/ emails/ voicemails… etc; .

Contracts, Plans, & Agreements reversing- don’t quit your job for that offer you were promised just yet… with Mercury Retrograde, nothing is certain until its signed.

Of course the biggest problem with Mercury Retrograde is not all these things that are beyond your control…nah, those are just part of life.  The biggest issue is how you react to these things… thats what really causes Mercury Madness.  When your screen freezes up and you lose the last 4 hours of work and the deadline is in less than an hour… when you accidentally get that email from the girl your dating (and really into) only its to the guy she went out with last night (and she told you she was watching movies with grandma)… when you accidentally click send on that text you wrote venting all your frustrations at your boss… when you get stuck in the old (gross) part of LAX for 20 hours after sitting on the runway for 9,  or if your like me- who breaks electronics and crashes lightbulbs everywhere I go- even when its not Mercury Retrograde- yup… as those of you in my last class know I went through 2 new printers, an iPad, an iPhone, and 2 iPad keyboards in 10 days… (thank God for Apple insurance… but heads up…the Land Clearing Kit also helped here- but thats a whole other thing) then you probably know exactly what Im talking about.  No… it doesn’t take much and you’re feeding the frenzy and playing a starring role in the Retrograde Charade.

What can you do?

Make sure you cross your T’s and dot your i’s, confirm (and reconfirm) your scheduling and travel plans, hold off on making big decisions, read and reread your emails and texts (before reacting or clicking “send”), and know who to call to walk you through any technological issues.

Why we need MercurEase™…

But even with precautions, the Retrograde can still be a contentious time that tests your ability to stay calm, focused and centered. While ultimately Mercury is forcing growth and showing you your unresolved issues- areas where a little more patience, processing, and development may be needed- and while we must navigate our way through time and space as best we can, it sure helps to have a little added support! Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ is a carefully crafted infusion of flowers, gemstones, and precious metals that bring support to our communications and mental processing. Just as a well fed and well rested body can better handle stress when under pressure, our MercurEase™ can help one stay above the “mental madness” that is so common to the climate of Mercury Retrograde.

Retrogrades as opportunities for Growth and healing…

Like everything unpleasant in life, Retrogrades are ultimately opportunities for learning and growth, and Shanti Kai™ MercurEase™ can help you through these periods of Mercury’s “tough love”.  These periods have a sneaky way of bringing unresolved “stuff” to the surface – especially depending on how each individual Retrograde lines up with you personally, and the other cosmic events occurring at the time, and thus it never hurts to have a tool or two o tap.  Grabbing yourself a bottle of MercurEase™ and using it throughout the Retrograde phase- preferably starting beforehand, when possible, and continuing for a duration of time. As you continue to heal your own issues, you are much increasingly likely to be effected by negative outside influences.

…And hey! You don’t have to wait for the Retrograde to try it. In fact, it’s better you don’t! Essences work over time. And while Shanti Kai™ Essences are power-packed way beyond the typical essence or flower essence remedy, most profound changes will be seen over longer periods of time.

More about MercurEase™

MercurEase™ contains vibrational imprints from nature formulated to augment energies underlying mental processing- including communication, focus, and mind-body balance.  It may be helpful if you struggle to “cope” with a world increasingly governed by technology- especially if you’re mind just doesn’t seem to work that way and/or if you feel threatened or intimidated by that which you do not understand.  To learn more about MercurEase™, please visit our product page.

Other Essences for this Transit

At Shanti Kai™ we offer a plethora of Essences that can benefit challenges of the mind*, and issues surrounding travel and staying centered during times of stress.  To name a few:

Harmony™ for harmonizing mind-body and spirit; can help you stay centered and aligned during challenges;

Indigo Light™  for clearing third eye clutter, and focusing a scattered mind; encourages expanded states of consciousness;

Smithsonite Master™ Harmonizes energies of left-right brain balance and may help soothe interpersonal and intra-personal relationship issues;

Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra to open & empower your throat chakra, benefitting clear communication & self expression.

Evolve™ to help you to align with Aquarian energies of progress and innovation-to propel you forward on your path.

Lantana Master™ Helps gather thoughts, improve energies of mental processing, and integrating information.

Other Helpful Essences include Kyanite Master, Svadhisthana™: Sacral Chakra, Blue Tourmaline, Blue Calcite and more!