Color is the simplest way the sub and unconscious minds assimilate energy. An ancient and re-emerging art known as Color Therapy purports that the bodymind needs color much like the physical body needs food and air. In fact, several ancient systems of healing focus on balancing color through diet, ones surroundings, and incorporating color into meditation or visualization exercises to balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Color is nothing more than varying wavelengths of light being expressed as pure vibrational energy. Shanti Kai’s Color Line™ uses gemstone and flower vibrations combined with color frequencies to produce essences that can be more rapidly assimilated into one’s energy field. As the essences work on the body’s electromagnetic field they affect the physical body mostly as a downstream event.

Our Shanti Kai Jet Lag Kit™ features Garnet Glow™, Emerald Light™, White Light™, Indigo Light™, and Golden Aura™.

Garnet Glow™ addresses circulation issues associated with travel, and as such may help relieve issues of stagnation, allowing ‘travel toxins’ to filter out. Sprayed over the front and back of root and sacral chakras, limbs, heart, and feet, it may assist with grounding and rooting after travel and with strengthening the energy fields associated with blood and circulation.

Emerald Light™ may help one address issues of travel fatigue and exhaustion. Sprayed over the temples, throat, front and back of heart center, chest and solar plexus, it can help revitalize, rejuvenate and re-balance. Often after travel we feel tired or tense, and may tend to contract inward. Emerald Light™ encourages one to open back up and expand outward.

White Light™ focuses on purification of the energy field after travel and may help with calming fears associated with travel. Sprayed wherever one feels tension, the crown, base of skull, and aura, it may help energetically purify the system from energies picked up during travel as well as release stagnant or trapped energy. When we travel we are surrounded by lots of new and different people, energies, bacteria, etc, and the White Light may help clear out any new unwanted travel “companions”.

Indigo Light™ addresses issues of balancing and refocusing the mind after travel. It may also assist with travel headaches & mental fatigue. Sprayed over third eye and forehead, temples, behind ears, base of skull, and over aura may help clear third eye clutter; like having a psychic “tune up” after disorientation from travel.

Golden Aura™ may help with increasing one’s prana or life force, which is often depleted during travel. It may also help enhance auric shielding and help shield physical body from stress due to changes in air. Sprayed over front and back of solar plexus and lung area, top of crown, as well as two feet from physical body, it may help raise ones vibrational frequency such that one is not as affected by shifts in air, new energies, and other changes in environment.

The Shanti Kai Jet Lag Kit™ can be used in sequence, one after the other, during and throughout travel, or if one has a means of testing themselves (i.e. kinesiology, muscle testing, pendulum or otherwise) they can use this method instead to see what is needed and how much throughout travel. It is recommended to use as often as necessary until one adjusts to their new environment or travel experience.

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