Therapeutic Breathwork

Breathwork Therapy

What is Therapeutic Breathwork?

Therapeutic Breathwork (aka Breathwork Therapy) is a powerful tool which takes advantage of conscious breathing practices to synergistically integrate body, mind, and spirit.  Breathwork is an ancient practice that was used for centuries to promote healing and the attainment of higher states of consciousness. Through the practice of connected circular breathing, breathwork can provide effective release from stress and tension, and promotes healing and balance on all levels of being.

Why Practice Breathwork?

To stimulate your natural breathing, promoting synergy of the mind, body, and spirit.  The average person only breathes at a fraction of his or her potential. The normal, healthy breathing mechanism has been “shut down” due to factors starting at birth, including physical and emotional trauma, cultural or social influences, and other life events.  Breathwork promotes healing of the breathing mechanism, and when this occurs, all systems (body, mind, and spirit) naturally begin to function better.

How It Works

On the physical level, breathwork promotes oxygenation. It moves the pranic energy up from the base of the spine, thereby freeing and releasing physical and emotional blockages that are contained in the body. On the energetic level, as the blockages are removed, the body’s natural pranic energy flows more freely and greater health and vitality are naturally experienced.

What Are Some of the Benefits?

Some of the benefits include:
– Physical, emotional, and mental well-being
– Self-discovery
– Greater clarity and insight
– Expansion
– Increased energy and vitality
– Greater balance and ease
– Increased inner calm
– Greater connectivity to higher guidance.

What Will I Experience?

A typical Breathwork experience lasts for two hours, with ninety minutes being focused solely on the breathing mechanism.  No two sessions are ever the same and the experience can vary drastically physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from one session to the next.

Many people experience the process in stages with the beginning being the most challenging and the end being almost euphoric.  Physically (especially toward the beginning or middle of a session) it is common for people to experience strong sensations as they encounter blockages or resistance in their bodies. A tingling sensation in the arms and legs is very common as is temperature fluctuation throughout the body.  The Breathwork Therapist will be watching carefully and may offer you hot or cold or may help you to adjust so that your process of breathing underneath the blockage is uninterrupted.

Towards the middle to end of the session, you may experience a total lightness of being and a sense of profound relaxation.  During the course of the latter, it is not uncommon for one to experience a sort of time warp, wherein ninety minutes feels akin to thirty seconds.  Many people experience vivid memories, have reflections of past events (they had completely repressed or forgotten), or have past emotional wounds come up for release. Towards the end of a session, many people experience receiving answers or solutions to problems they’ve been experiencing, and some even people report feeling visited by loved ones who have since passed or seeing or hearing their Spiritual Connection bringing them clear guidance.  The ultimate submersion in the Breathwork experience leads to a feeling as if the breath is breathing you, rather than you breathing the breath.

Breathwork as a Form of Rebirthing

Our births represent the earliest trauma we experience on this planet. Even in seemingly normal, healthy births, the level of shock and trauma to the newborn can be quite extreme.  Breathwork, often called Rebirthing, is a profound means to resolve our earliest birth traumas.  When this occurs, a myriad of downstream effects can ensue. How we are affected by these earliest traumas is paramount throughout our lives. In some cases, individuals experience coming out of the womb and will physically re-enact the birthing process.  Done in a safe and loving atmosphere, this can be a very reaffirming life changing event that sets a corrective pattern for all related affects of this earliest trauma.  Rebirthing Breathwork is reserved for private sessions only and is not encouraged in group workshops.

Can I Do This At Home On My Own?

Because shock release is an innate part of the Breathwork process, and because the practice involves breathing into subconscious states where trauma is stored, it is not recommended that you practice this form of breathwork on your own.

Breathwork at Shanti Kai™

Breathwork at Shanti Kai™ is offered by Jayme Jensen, a Doctor of Natural Health, who is also a fully trained and certified in advanced clinical Breath Release Therapist (RT). She has completed three years of Breathwork Therapy studies and hands on training, following which she has offered private sessions and group workshops for the past 10+ years.

Breathwork Testimonials

I attended a few of them [breathing workshops] and every time I was amazed and surprised. Every workshop was unique and different. In the beginning I went through the pain in areas of my body. Pain wasn’t great and every time I felt I needed the exact area to be resolved or healed. Later my experience became more like a miracle. One time I was laughing with the full moon and one time I visited the place with a lot of stars and felt beautiful sadness.

One thing was the same for all breathing workshops. Every time I open my eyes at the end and couldn’t believe that time already gone. I felt I just started. Also every time I felt this is the safest place in the world. Sometimes I wanted to share my experience with others but sometimes I felt I want this only for myself and maybe later talked to Jayme.

I wished I were in Hawaii to take more and more workshops with Jayme.

– Natalia, Acupuncturist, Boston MA

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