Clairvoyant Aura & Energy Work

Healing Energy WorkSome clients use sessions as a chance to ask questions or get clarity on different issues or choices they are facing, while others will want to go deeper, beyond the level of information to bring healing or transformation to an area of their life. Jayme acts as an intermediary on a psychospiritual level, facilitating the process and reporting back to the client what she is seeing. Working in this way, different levels of soul work are carried out in which the client may receive help or assistance with whatever he or she may be going through. Jayme has studied many different forms of hands on healing and when working in person may use touch. Although she has studied many forms of healing, in her practice she uses her natural God given gift of “seeing” and “bringing energy through” for the client that might be needed for different types of healing to occur.

Sessions also often incorporate Energetic Essence Work.

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