Aloha Friends and Happy New Moon Taurus EARTH DAY!!!

I know here in Hawaii we just heard the quarantine has been extended through end of May! While we all want to put safety first, more home confinement is A LOT to absorb! Whether sheltering alone or with others, your life has been (and will continue to be) converging into a one stop shop 3rd dimensional reality. However temporary it may be, the need for “sanctuary” may become more defined, at least for the time being.

Over past month or so, I’ve been releasing a newsletter series on Coronavirus Related Stress & Naturopathic Wellness Tips.

However, I decided to skip this week’s planned topic and diverge a bit…as New Moons are the perfect time to start anew, and with it being in the Earth sign of Taurus, on Earth Day … I thought to share some essences to put you in touch with our Earth Mother, along with Essence TIPS and suggestions for surviving every possible aspect of these challenging times.

Click on the link below to checkout our blog, with resource links to help you easily navigate to areas of interest. AND…there’s a plethora of savings just in time for EARTH Week, and kicking off Taurus Month… excited to share many of our Essences that will help you ground, adapt, shift, evolve, and otherwise resource yourself and hit “refresh”.

(A.) Use natural lighting and ventilation when possible.

Investing in full-spectrum fluorescent lighting and if/when possible, an air purifier or humidifier (in drier climates) could potentially benefit how you feel overall.  

  • If you live in warm/wet climate (like Hawaii) and are prone to keeping your windows open, (or even if you don’t), watch for mold on window seals, and dust, mold or mildew build up on fans and other electronics.  Mold especially lives for bathrooms (ie sinks, showers/ tubs), and kitchen (areas and appliances with moisture).  You may have allergies, even subtle ones, that may be causing or contributing to inflammation & unknowingly effecting your overall energy levels and health.  Perhaps you normally can tolerate it but if suddenly home 24/7, and you indeed have an air sensitivity or allergy, it may become increasingly apparent in how you feel.
  • Try getting at least 20 minutes of sun everyday (according to Ayurvedic tradition, morning sun is best); check out our last newsletter: Naturopathic Tips to Increase Your Prana: Essences that Harness the Power of the Sun (And at  very least grab a bottle of our Golden Aura™ or one of our recommended essence for harnessing the healing power of light) )

(B) Drink pure water throughout the day

We recommend adding any of our Shungite products to your water, especially if you are in front of a computer during the day (read more on Shungite) for detox and regeneration (always a good idea for those brain cells!), Shanti Kai™ Hawaiian Coral, Mercurease or Platinum drops if you have to focus long hours  and you’re home sick (hopefully not with corona) or convalescing, we recommend adding Black Diamond or Diamond Master, Healer Within™ and/ or ImmunEase™ Essences.  Please see our section on hydration Here

(C) Take regular “fresh air” breaks…

Even if just a brief walk around your home, apartment building or parking lot, to exercise your muscles and get your circulation flowing, or a round of indoor stretches or even a little chair yoga would be great.

At very least, we recommend spraying your legs and feet with one of the following Shanti Kai™ products: Earth Chakra™ (opens the Earth star chakra beneath the soles of the feet so you can discharge energy), Garnet Glow™ (motivation, and energized circulation), Mars™, Transitions™ (motivate, resist laziness, gets you moving), Purrfect Sense™ (for agility…even if your not a cat, you’ll be meowing after this one!), Garnet or Ruby Master Essences (vitality, and to maximize the energetic effects of circulation), now on sale! (See our upcoming section on proper exercise next week)


If being confined inside is a problem for you, you may want to try adding one of the following essences to your routine: Dravite Tourmaline drops (helps feet/ leg/ earth connection), Tourmaline Master (balances all 7 chakras plus feet chakras)  Axinite (connect with earth energy for transformation) Brown Diamond (energy & metabolism, clear feet chakras and legs), Andalusite (align upper chakras with sacral and earth chakra, helps you to reach for the stars even though you’re grounded (and trapped?), Alexandrite (increase your love for the earth… because if you can’t be out enjoying it, loving it’s the next best thing), Plumeria (increases safety and ease while lightening feet chakras), Lady Slipper Orchids (lightens the feet chakras, connects you with Venus energy for more love and harmony), Autogragh Tree (for “breaking out” of feeling trapped or caged, even if it’s symbolic, or a “mental” escape sort of breakout) and Red or Master Hibiscus (for hips and legs… because you’re in a chair all day), Wiliwili Tree (because if you’re claustrophobic and it runs in the family, this might help repattern memory stored in your blood), Pink Heulandite (if it’s a trauma or trapped/ancient memory, this might help), Cerussite (important for dealing with overwhelm, helps you integrate, assimilate and “get a grip”)

  • Alternatively a few {on sale} Master Blends we also recommend… in fact we suggest you spray over spine, feet, backs of knees, base of skull and third eye (or where desired) for maximum benefit: Muladhara™ Root Chakra, Evolve™ (To access subtle brain chakras and tap your unused potential…..you’ve got lots of time inside so you may as well use it. Also helps you adapt), Harmony™ (mind body spirit harmony and group cooperation), Fairy Dust™ (helps you have fun with it while also opening you to a major download), Lighten Up™ (clear out old emotional trauma. Rise above and elevate your perspective), Prosperity™ (you may be stuck inside but this helps you expand your energy way farther than your body could go anyway… like all the way to Jupiter and back).

(D). Decontaminate Your Space & Practice good hygiene.

It’s important to decontaminate routinely, especially in shared households.

(i.) Considering the lifetime of coronavirus spores you should make a point of disinfecting surfaces, electronics, hardware/handles, etc. after each use. If someone in home is infected, this must be increased accordingly.

(ii.) Wash hands with (natural disinfectant) soap, dry thoroughly with clean towel. and (optional but highly recommended) follow with a Shanti Kai™ Essence Spray; which has a natural anti-microbial essential oil, the strongest being: ImmunEase™ (has clove and orange essential oil), Lavender Master Essence Spray, Garnet Glow™ (has cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, cardamom and frankincense essential oil) over exposed skin (hands, neck, forehead, legs, etc.), Lemon Master (Lemon essential oil), Muladhara Root Chakra™ (ylang ylang, clove, cinnamon, patchouli, orange), Mars™, Transitions™ (lemongrass), Evolve™, Clear My Space™, Garnet Master: (cinnamon, orange, balsam. Camphor, etc), Ruby Master: (sweet orange, tangerine, clove, lavender, cinnamon, lime, vetiver, ylang ylang) and the list goes on…

E-Land-Clearing(E) Clean & Clear Your Space

  • (i.) Refrain from using toxic, hazardous chemicals as household disinfectants. When possible, use a nontoxic alternative.  If absolutely necessary, make sure all precautionary measures are followed (i.e. wear mask, gloves, and ventilate space after).  (Many healthy alternatives are available, stay tuned for a blog on chemicals!)
  • ((ii.) CLEAR Your Space both physically and energetically:
  • (iii.) A neat, tidy space is a heavenly place… or as they say, cleanliness is godliness; clutter attracts clutter and can make you feel even more “trapped”.
  • (iv.)  Any of our Cleansers will do. Our Land Clearing Kit (now on sale)., Our Land Clearing Kit is  especially beneficial for clearing out your place of space, be it home, office, bedroom, gym, OR in times of Quarantine, when one room is “all of the above” … (such as, when your living AND working from home) as during such times, energies tend to accumulate even more rapidly than under “normal” circumstances.  Multiply that if you have other housemates suddenly working from home in a shared space as well. The Shanti Kai™ Land Clearing Kit will help lift long-standing stagnant and/or trapped energies (Release It™) , clear out negative and lower frequency energies (Clear My Space™), dissolve emotional energies that can accumulate and get trapped in the atmosphere such as heavy emotions, depressed energies, angers, frustration etc (Lighten Up™) and help you balance the earth and stabilize the land lines (Earth Chakra™), as well as draw in more light, and create a vortex to flush out lower frequency energies and welcome unconditional love and light (Violet White™).  This is not a gimmick … unlike many sprays on the market each Shanti Kai™ blend in the Land Clearing Kit (as is true for all our blends) is the result of years of developing and studying vibrational effects of Flower and Mineral Essences, and has undergone years of research by the time we release them to the market.

CMS-GA-2(F) Keep your mouth (and your soul) fed

Keeping healthy foods to snack on during the day by your computer (see our diet diet diet section) is one way, but also make sure to feed your soul. Our Color Line Essence Vitality Trio may help fill energy deficient voids in your auric field and help replenish spiritual and emotional well being.

(G) Maintain a positive Grr..attitude as much as possible.

(i.) If you are lucky enough to own our Land Clearing Set, guess what, it’s also good for aura clearing! keeping your energy cleansed can do wonders for your state of wellbeing.

At the very least we recommend regular maintenance with
Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™. See our Tips for Keeping Your Energy Clear, Safe, and Protected
Coupling your favorite (or current) “feel good” Essence with Attract or Quartz Master Blend This can help boost the effects of any blend, and using those two
together is magnificent for a huge boost of positive energy (quadruple)…and amplified times ten thousand million hundred thousand for positive energy and good vibes.  But I also recommend pairing either of these with your favorite Shanti Kai™ Essence, or working with our Hope™ and/or Clarity™.  Used in combo, they are our Companion Essences for finding direction, but pair either of them with Attract™ or Quartz Master for relieving doubt about where the future will lead.  Transitions™, Goddess Power™, and Empower™ are all also excellent choices as are Gardenia, Lemon, Morning Glory, and Shower Tree Master Essences.

(H) Breakout of the Prison Mindset and Enjoy Your Cell (aka house mates)

Being stuck at home with your compadres, (i.e. roommates, family members, partners. friends, spouses, children, etc. etc.) can be a bonding experience… or it can feel a little like being trapped… or like you’ve been cast as cell mates in a bad new tv series featuring what prison life is really like. ???? hopefully not the latter!

At any rate, embracing the inevitable can help the “karmic sentence” [you may feel like] your serving go by faster,  and we recommend applying the following Shanti Kai™ Essences for increasing harmony, balance. and cooperation.

Harmony: Our choice for group harmony, coordination and synchronicity (think everyone not needing bathroom at exact same moment!) or.

Mercurease: Especially if communication, or lack thereof, is the issue or problem at hand.

Shower Tree Master Essence:Used in a shared space, it can help everyone find acceptance & surrender to the current situation, and can help you learn to flow with circumstance instead of resisting what is unpleasant.

Alternatively, taking the following flower or mineral essences may also help: Hydrangea, Dancing Girl Ginger, Kalanchoe, Lantana, Lollipop Plant, Pohinahina, Pentas, Yucca, Rhynchostylis Gigantea Orchid, Spirit Quartz, Green Aventurine, Grape Agate, BixbiteAfghanite, and Cerussite

Even sipping a few drops in water can help you dissipate internal tension or emotional blockages and encourage cooperation, communication, and integration.  Used as a spray, it may better serve all inhabitants of a shared space to calm down and find greater ease, especially under challenging circumstances.

Release It and chakra Essences(J) Take Time out to be Alone… Contemplate, or Meditate

Well be posting a separate blog section on Meditation later (because it’s super duper important) but for now, we have plenty of suggestions to keep you busy while you’re doing nothing alone … if that makes sense.

(i.) If you have a way to meditate before starting your day, great, do it!  If not, we recommend starting off with at least fifteen minutes each morning when you awaken and every evening before retiring. Start with something simple like a prayer or mantra you can repeat. Alternatively, any yogic techniques focusing on your breath are also excellent. , you may also wish to focus on Chakra Clearing and to work with any one or all over our chakra essences which can be paired with Release It™ for deeper clearing. For full exercise click here.

(iii.) You may wish to couple your meditation with any one of these Essences: Violet White™, Indigo Light™, Ajna Third Eye Chakra™, Crown Chakra™, Amethyst Light™, Tourmaline Master, Sapphire Master, Diamond Master, Lemurian Quartz Master, Kyanite Master, Removing Obstacles™ (removes blocks in root chakra that discourage meditating), or any of the Master Orchid Sprays!

(iv.) Alternatively, here is an exercise you can do during full and new moons.

I. You can’t go wrong with The Importance of                                                                    Community

Remain open to learning new things and staying active in the online community, (or you can try screaming from your window at your neighbors… whichever works). Staying connected with others is important to emotional expression and good health.

(i.) Essences that can help you develop and maintain balanced social connectivity include: MercurEase™. Vishuddha™, Harmony™, and Cymbidium Orchid, Empower™, Venus™.

Single Flower Essence ingredients include: Bengal Trumpet Vine, Maunaloa, Scarlet Gourd Ivy, White or Lavender Morning Glory, Rio Red Dipladenia, Chinese Lantern, Coral Creeper (aka Red Barelia), Lilikoi, Plumbago, Pohinahina, White Lady, and Allamanda

The following mineral essences may also help foster positive connectivity: Smithsonite, Clinohumite, Gyrolite, Apophyllite, Rose Quartz, Hemimorphite, and Blue Tourmaline,

(ii.) Word of Caution: Over connecting on social media however can cause you to be increasingly and sometimes unknowingly or unwittingly exposed to emotional energy of others, and negative media attention. So you might want to check out our section on how you can pick up {negative energy} online or long distance Please see our long distance section on this topic.

(iii.) Engage in some sort of charity or volunteer work.  Focusing on a greater good can reduce the tendency to get “stuck” in details or transient problems and can help you keep perspective. Checkout online neighborhood networks and social media resources for ways to get involved during this time of isolation.

K-sleep(K) Make sure you get adequate rest! 

While this may seem obvious, it’s not always Easy! Please see our section on rest for tips on deepening your slumber.

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