• Vanda Orchid Blend

    Develops Ascension Chakras
    Inspire ~ Awaken ~ Enlighten
    Aids Enlightened Manifestation

    Vanda Orchid Flower Essence Blend raises frequencies of the root chakra and helps one channel sexual energy on the physical plane to creative energy on the spiritual and mental planes. It also helps clear parasitic energy from the root chakra, making room to bring in higher frequencies of light.
  • Cymbidium Orchid Blend

    Enhances Leadership Ability
    Aligns you with Divine Guidance
    Promotes Love and Compassion

    Cymbidium orchid essence brings the energy of Kwan Yin, teaching Compassion. In the face of compassion, judgment and criticisms fall away and understanding can be found. Through this action, Cymbidium helps dissolve feelings of separateness, thus rendering contentment and peace of mind more attainable. Healing from depression, anxiety and freedom from past emotional baggage is more easily experienced from this place.
  • Phalaenopsis Orchid Blend

    Raising Your Vibration
    Clearing Heart & Higher Chakras
    Preventing Energy Drain/Depletion

    Encourages a Vibrational Lift in Consciousness which would aid your spiritual growth, but also on a more practical level, helps you lift above situations or issues that would normally cause energy depletion.
  • Brassidium Orchid Blend

    Neural Energy Balancing
    Sixth Sense Communication

  • Encyclia Orchid Blend

    Accepting Your Uniqueness
    Inspiring Forgiveness & Release
    Clearing Unhealthy Attachments

  • Epidendrum Orchid Blend

    Endocrine Related Chakras
    Assimilating New Frequencies
    Etheric-Physical Body Interface

  • Lady Slipper Paph Orchid Blend

    Attuning to Venus Energy
    Walking Your Path with Grace
    Lightening of Your Feet Chakras

  • Oncidium Orchid Blend

    Knowing Everything is Ok
    Dissolving Energetic Blockages
    Integrating Love ~ Becoming Light

  • Dendrobium Orchid Blend

    Releasing Resistance
    Increasing Flow of Ideas
    Clearing Spinal Energy Blocks

  • Beallara Orchid Blend

    Awakening Love & Wisdom
    Inspiring Gr-Attitude & Bliss
    Aligning with Divinity & Purpose

    An extremely healing Essence that promotes feelings of bliss and well-being, and encourages feelings of gratitude that are so important to the healing process.
  • Cycnoches Orchid Blend

    Enhance Pranic Flow
    Clear Nadis ~ Samskaras
    Cleanse Subtle Energy Bodies

    Releases blockages along the spine, neck, and crown. May increase your mental and physical flexibility and expand your mental outlook. Influences third chakra, may help you be "sunny and bright" and maintain a healthy, strong mind.
  • Rhynchostylis Gigantea Orchid Blend

    Group Harmony
    Expanding the Heart
    Angelic Heart Connection

    Vibrational Infusions of a variety of Rhynchostylis Gigantea Orchids
  • Neostylis Orchid Blend

    Peace ~ Calm ~ Rest
    “Uncurling” Inner Tension
    Reprogramming Cell Memory

  • Cattleya Orchid Blend

    Opens Higher Heart Center
    Refines & Heightens Perception
    Clears Illusion ~ Channels Truth


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