• 1st Muladhara™: Root Chakra

    Use to release fears and anxieties associated with having enough time, money, energy, luck, work, support, etc, and to draw in energy of abundance. Size: 2oz Spray.
  • Ajna: Third Eye Chakra Spray helps with balancing and opening the Third Eye Chakra to promote the development of clarity, intuition, expanded consciousness, and the release of criticisms and judgement. Size: 2oz Spray.
  • 7th Sahasrara™: Crown Chakra

    Sahasrara: Crown Chakra Spray helps with balancing and opening the Crown Chakra, where the mind, body & spirit connect. Helps to bring about a greater sense of purpose, worthiness, and oneness with all beings. Size: 2oz Spray
  • Amethyst Light™

    Amethyst Light Essence™ is the perfect essence when seeking Spiritual Transformation, Divine Healing, Wisdom, or the Mystic Experience. Use when doing healing, meditation, or prayer work, needing to forgive or move into compassion, or calling on the presence of Archangel Zadkiel.
  • Bougainvillea Master

    Adapt ~ Discern ~ Protect
    Helps Strengthen Boundaries
    Amplifies Energies of Attraction

    Helps protect you against unwanted energies while still appearing beautiful to those we want to attract or be in harmony with.
  • Clarity™

    Knowing with the Heart What to Do. For finding your way through times of uncertainty, indecision, loss, conflict, and in general anytime you need direction.
  • Galena

    Acts as Auric Shield
    Purges Toxicity ~ Reveals Shadow
    Grounds ~ Empowers ~ Strengthens

  • Crepe Ginger

    Honing Vocals
    Filtering Sound Vibration
    Refining Sensory Perception

  • Golden Aura™

    Golden Aura™ works to enhance Prana or Life Force Energy, strengthening and balancing the energy field. Helps with balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. Increases light flow from the 12th Chakra and beyond (where the Christ Consciousness resides), thereby strengthening and enhancing your organic energy and access to unconditional love and acceptance.
  • Indigo Light™

    Indigo Light Essence™ may assist you in breaking free from worldly distraction, clearing psychic debris, cutting through third eye clutter, and achieving states of heightened intuition, awareness, and expanded or higher states of consciousness.
  • Ixora

    Catalyzes Change
    Promotes Community
    Inspires Breakthrough

  • Tree Jasmine

    Channeling Divine Truth
    Inspiring Serendipity & Hope
    Clearing Heart & Throat Center


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