• Afghanite

    Writers Block
    Public Speaking
    Helps Others “Hear” You

    Helps others to really hear what you are saying; vibrationally helps the intended impact of what you are saying to reach the listener.
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    Catalyzing Breakthrough
    Processing Empathic Energies
    Innovate ~ Transform ~ Evolve

  • Cattleya Orchid Blend

    Opens Higher Heart Center
    Refines & Heightens Perception
    Clears Illusion ~ Channels Truth

  • Clarity™

    Knowing with the Heart What to Do. For finding your way through times of uncertainty, indecision, loss, conflict, and in general anytime you need direction.
  • Cymbidium Orchid Blend

    Enhances Leadership Ability
    Aligns you with Divine Guidance
    Promotes Love and Compassion

    Cymbidium orchid essence brings the energy of Kwan Yin, teaching Compassion. In the face of compassion, judgment and criticisms fall away and understanding can be found. Through this action, Cymbidium helps dissolve feelings of separateness, thus rendering contentment and peace of mind more attainable. Healing from depression, anxiety and freedom from past emotional baggage is more easily experienced from this place.
  • Let Me See™

    Subtle Eye Chakras The Eyes are the window to the soul – and the rest of the world too, for that matter. And as we age, it is common for the eyes to become tired, to not work as well, to need extra support. The computer era has only added to this. Shanti Kai™ Let Me See™ focuses on the lesser known chakras of your eyes, working to strengthen the subtle energy field associated with this important region.
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    Hawaiian Moon Goddess Warrior ~ Nurturer ~ Seer Creatrix ~ Protector ~ Healer

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