What are Chakras?

Shanti Kai™ Chakra Essences are blends that are specially designed to balance and align the seven Chakras of the human body. The word Chakra derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel of light”. There are 88,000 chakras within the human body, of which seven are considered to be the major chakras- the main energy centers in your body through which energy flows. If energy in one of the major seven chakras is blocked, it can lead to downstream effects in the human body.

In general, the seven major chakras deal with your well being on the Earth plane, whereas the next set – chakras 8-12 – deal more on a universal level. Universal, in this context, relates to your consciousness, desires, and concerns, moving away from being focused on your own self, toward aligning with a greater awareness and an experience of divinity (or from the finite to the infinite).

Imbalance in any of the chakras can manifest in physical, mental, and emotional distress, ultimately even leading to illness and other disease. In fact, as early as the 1930s Bach had written in his book that Flower Essences are intended to treat emotional and mental imbalance before it enters the physical body. Shanti Kai™ takes this concept even further, combining newly discovered mineral and Hawaiian flower essences with antimicrobial effects of essential oil, and other vibrational energies. The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Line provides an in depth method for balancing, clearing, and developing the chakras. In total, it draws from over 600 plant, flower, gemstone, and mineral based ingredients helping you to integrate missing frequencies that are needed to heal and restore.

How Do I Know If I Have A Chakra Imbalance?

If you have experienced any of the following symptoms this past year in any area of your life, it is likely that you have corresponding imbalance in one (if not more) of your seven main chakras:

  • Issues with Emotional Well Being – (e.g. anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger, rage, low self esteem/ insecurity, jealousy, sadness, loneliness, guilt/shame, excessive regret, fear of lack, etc.)
  • Issues with Mental Well Being (e.g. mental clarity, decision making, memory problems, problem solving, alertness, motivation, writers block, etc.)
  • Physical Health Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Creative Blocks
  • Financial Lack (e.g. excessive money problems)
  • Stagnation or the feeling of being stuck or trapped in any area of life/professional and/ or work related issues (e.g. feeling stuck or unable to find work)
  • Feeling Spiritually Disconnected
  • Challenges conceiving a child (or “creative” issues)
  • Trouble Forgiving Others or hanging on to grudges, judgment and criticism of self and others
  • Insomnia and sleep related disturbance
  • Problems gaining or losing weight
  • Family Problems
  • Being overly competitive with others….etc.

The Kundalini, Chakras and Your Central Nervous System

Your Kundalini, which is housed in the Muladhara or root chakra (located at the base of your spine), once stimulated (or in some traditions, initiated), travels up the spinal cord, passing through all major chakras with its destination being the crown chakra. Once it reaches the crown, it merges into your Sahasrara.  There, it is said, a thousand petaled lotus opens, signifying that your crown has fully blossomed.  This experience is the pinnacle of enlightenment and establishes you in the perpetual experience of ecstatic bliss, aka samadhi, or the permanent establishment of inner peace.

However, in most humans, in alignment with Yogic tradition, the process of enlightenment does not occur merely in one lifetime… it occurs over the process of many lifetimes, and only after performing intense sadhana, or disciplined spiritual practice. Accordingly, if you believe in such things, for most, the kundalini stabilizes in the chakra wherein you have garnered the most control (throughout life)- most commonly, the “base” chakras, such as the Svadhisthana (sacral) or Manipura chakras.

Not surprisingly, this esoteric concept of Kundalini mirrors our current understanding of the central nervous system which functions via electrochemical impulses that run along the spine, and into the brain, and acts as the control center for the entire body. Many spiritual paths teach how to work with this energy, cleansing the chakras through meditation, yoga, and breathwork. What’s more, they teach how to utilize specific tools, many of which are found in our Chakra Essences.

More About Our Chakra Line

Our Chakra Line of Essences combine many aspects of Ayurveda: color therapy, cosmic use of gemstones and mineral elixirs, flower therapy, aromatherapy, the science of vibration and more. They are complex tools from a vast repertoire of plants and minerals; they integrate complex blending science and can enhance your sense of balance, increase your prana (life force), and promote greater health and wellness on all levels of being.

The Shanti Kai™ Chakra Essence Line was developed over a period of 5 years and each spray builds on the next. There are several ways to approach using our chakra sprays. You may want to start with the root chakra, working with that for a period of time, and then moving to the sacral chakra, and so on. Slowly working your way up can be especially beneficial because if your foundation is off, it can affect all other chakras. Another option is to just buy the one that draws you the most or the one corresponding to where you feel the need to do some work.

You can also work with the chakra line as a complete set, using all of them at once as a way to balance yourself daily. In this case, you would start with the root chakra first and spray your way up, ending at the crown chakra. If during the day, a particular chakra is “speaking to you”; you can augment your routine with that one spray. For instance, if you have aches and pains in a given area you may need to balance that chakra and the two chakras surrounding it with those specific sprays.

There are so many ways to utilize these essences depending on the situation you are looking for support with at any given time. And often when people start to work with them, they begin to intuitively sense how they need them.

As a reminder, essences are vibrational and work in the auric field and on the physical body, and so they don’t necessarily need to touch your physical body to work. Many of our extremely sensitive clients and customers spray only their aura and get great results.

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