October Tourmaline Sale at Shanti Kai™!

October Tourmaline Sale

October is Tourmaline Time at Shanti Kai™ and once again we are giving you a FREE 1/2 oz bottle of our single ingredient Tourmaline Essence with your purchase of $50 or more. Spend $100 and get a second, spend $150 and get 3, spend $200 and get 4, spend $250 and get 5 or spend $300 and get 6 variations, or $350 and get 8 (a $120 value for free!)

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October 3, 2017

Our Tourmaline special includes several of our Tourmaline Essences including schorl (black), Dravite (brown), rubellite (dark pink-Red), orange, yellow, green, indicolite (bluish), watermelon, white and Quartz Tourmaline.

Tourmaline Essence traditionally has been said to dispel fear, anxiety, and grief, and to promote tranquility, concentration, and eloquence. It has also been said to help promote sleep quality and restore balance to relationships*. Of the Tourmaline Essences, each is said to individually focus on one of the seven main chakras and our Master Essence has a composite of these for balancing all the major chakras. (This sale does not include the master essence.)

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Rubellite TourmalineOctober 9, 2017

Rubellite Tourmaline (Dark Pink-Red in color) can help to strengthen the heart and willpower and may help one attain wisdom. It can activate all qualities of the first (root) and second (sacral) chakra – and it may help bring equilibrium and balance. It has a tonic-like action such that for instance, creativity may be stimulated in someone who is mentally lethargic… and someone who is mentally hyperactive may be calmed. If Goldilocks had this for her porridge she wouldn’t have had an issue with too cold or too hot – they’d all be just right!

Blue TourmalineOctober 11, 2017

Tourmaline October continues with Blue Tourmaline (aka Indicolite). Blue tourmaline Essence may help to activate the throat chakra. It may promote expression, clear communication, mental stability and focus. It can be purchased as drops (and taken orally or added to water and sipped), or purchased as a spray and used directly on the Throat Chakra (or wherever needed/desired) – or use it as a room spray to prepare it for concentrated activity such as studying, writing, practicing yoga or meditating.

Tourmaline SaleOctober 17, 2017

We are still celebrating October’s Birthstone with our Tourmaline Essence from the Master Gemstone Line, which can be used to realign and balance all of the chakras. Traditionally it has been said to dispel fear, anxiety, and grief, and to promote tranquility, concentration, sleep quality, and bring eloquence to one’s speech. Because of it’s balancing effects, it may also help with releasing resentments and restoring harmony to relationships. Best when sprayed along the feet, spine, neck, crown, third eye (forehead), throat, chest (heart center), solar plexus, naval area, and root.

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