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I have been hearing from so many of you asking what Shanti Kai™ Essences can help with Coronavirus related stress, and if I can share some naturopathic tips for these challenging times. In response, I’ve written a multi part Natural Health Newsletter, drawing from my biochemistry and naturopathic background, to help you correlate different elements of self care with the appropriate Shanti Kai™ Essences.

Many of you know that early on in life I had my share of illness. As a child, I was one of the first known cases of the Epstein Bar virus, which started as mono and led to several secondary infections. But it was after my car accident (at age 17) that my immune system was severely weakened, and for many years thereafter it seemed I was always battling something.During my college years, for instance, I developed meningitis during a deadly college outbreak, and shortly thereafter contracted a staph infection in my blood during a meningitis medical test (a clinical “error”), and let me tell you … it was a loooong road back to true wellness.

Fortunately for me, I had been taught at a young age to intuitively scan energies before I took them in… be it food or nutritional supplements, water, clothes, the places I went, etc, etc, (and etc lol), and I began to energetically rely on this to get and stay well. Through this vigilance, I eventually became someone who almost never, ever got sick.

When I finally discovered and added Vibrational Essences to my regimen, I not only almost never got sick, but I actually became someone that could help others get well. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since and what Shanti Kai™ is all about.

I know for me personally (but I believe it’s also true for most), that we are most susceptible to illness when we are too stressed or overly tired. That’s why I’m revisiting Wellness Basics, and which Shanti Kai™ Essences to use for different areas of self care. When you strengthen yourself vibrationally you can become an energetic force field that repels lower energies, such as parasites, pathogens, and other unwanted invaders.Dr. Jayme JensenI sincerely hope you find the following tips helpful… Today’s newsletter features Diet and Vitality, but will be followed by sections on: Proper Hydration, Sun & Light Energy, Sleep & Rest, Relaxation, Meditation / Alone Time, When Your Home Becomes Your Life, Maintaining Harmony in Your Quarantine Community, and a few other topics. 

And stay tuned, I will be releasing a more extensive naturopathic guide to our product line later this summer! We will also be offering an extensive Dietary and Vitality Guide with many of my tips Clients pay for in Consultions, yours free when you sign up or refer a friend to our newsletter. To schedule a virtual Natural Health consultation, email info@ShantiKai.com.

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“Embrace the essences on your healing journey… each bottle is alive with living vital energies from the plant and mineral kingdom, ready to assist your growth and healing!”

Diet, Diet, Diet

You are what you eat. Eating processed, refined and convenient, fast foods, white or refined sugars, GMO foods, “wrong” fats, too much caffeine or alcohol, and other ingested chemicals and pesticides can weaken your “body armor” leaving you tired and/or making it easier to get sick. Choosing to increase organic foods, greens and ruffage, plant-based protein, and opting for cage free or free range/hormone free and organic fed meats & produce, and fish from safe waters may have dramatic impact on your overall health and vitality.

It should be noted that even “good food” can lack nourishment if its inner energy is depleted… this is why in Ayurveda the emotional state of the cook is considered so important, and why so many traditions offer a blessing over the food.*

Here a few rules to live by for optimal digestive health.*

  • Don’t eat when emotionally upset (especially when angered, frustrated or worried)
  • Don’t eat right before bed
  • Don’t eat when overly tired
  • Don’t eat in front of TV or while distracted


You may also find the following Shanti Kai™ Essences helpful for optimizing nutritional health:

Sacral or Solar Plexus Chakra Essences: These chakras relate to how you nurture yourself, your emotions, partnerships/ relationships, and professional life. They house important digestive and elimination organs, and although they relate to processing on an energetic level, stress in the areas of life governed by these chakras can result in accumulation of toxic energy and resultant imbalance and physical health problems as a downstream event.

Thyroid Chakra & Throat Chakra Essences: The throat chakra has to do with food intake and breath, and the thyroid chakra is a minor chakra that houses the thyroid gland so essential for proper metabolism. Imbalanced energy in these chakras can impact physical health as a downstream event.

Flower Essences:

Wild Hawaiian Sanchezia relates to balancing fire energy in the lower chakras.

Papaya relates to balancing the Sacral Chakra.Gemstone Essences:

Obsidian can help clear, protect, and calm sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Brown Diamond traditionally is believed to relate to metabolism on energetic level.

Black Tourmaline clearing negativity and energetic blocks in lower chakras.

View All Essence for Energy Issues Around Digestion

View All Essences for Energy Issues Around Metabolism



Emotional Eating, such as eating because you’re bored or as comfort when upset, can also be a detrimental habit as it may lead to undesired weight gain or even eating disorders.


The following Shanti Kai™ Essences may help if you suffer from this behavior.

Mom & Baby™Often the emotional component around eating, which can evolve into physical problems later in life, begin as simply not having all of our needs met or nurtured as children. Mom and Baby™ is therefore not just for moms and babies, but for all of our “inner children”.

Healer Within™ is our stress and trauma blend. It has a soothing yin energy which is meant to help tame fiery energy that often surround upset emotion, frustration, and trauma. Ancient wisdom and modern science both agree that when you are calm your food sits better.


Suggested Flower Essences for Emotional Eating:

Queen Emma Spider Lily can also help resolve psychospiritual needs around ones “mother issues”.

Sunflower can benefit nutrition by balancing lack of nurturing energy  surrounding father figure issues.Black Tourmaline and Sunflower

Morning Glory: Get up in the morning and rejoice… because you feel inspired, motivated, and ready to say “No” to emotional eating and other non beneficial habits. Be empowered, you now have the subtle but extra edge you need to reset your cravings!

Kula Gardenia and Papaya are both uplifting and bring emotional balance; those inclined to eat to fill an emotional void may find these helpful.


Suggested Mineral Essences For Emotional Eating:

Black Tourmaline clearing negative and heavy energies that accumulate in lower chakras.

The heavier we feel, the more need there is to distract from the emotions.

Rutilated Quartz helps the body ease and release sadness and grief, emotions that often relate to the need to eat distract oneself with food or by other means.

Larimar Essence has a calming effect on the third chakra and may help those that eat for mental escape. It may help calm “too many thoughts” and may keep you from getting “too in your head”.

Lemon Calcite may benefit calming the third chakra’s energy and aid contentment, which in turn softens cravings.Health is all about vibrating at your optimal frequency. Tendencies toward excess may negatively affect vitality by maxing out your resources, leaving you drained.

Ginger and Transitions

Transitions™ Essence is for breaking low energy or non beneficial habits, such as emotional or addictive, including addictive tendencies and cravings.

Master Ginger Essence is a robust and vital essence sure to stimulate and invigorate your senses. Often when we are trance eating or “trancing” in any way, shape or form, we need something pungent yet sweet to awaken us.

Our Ginger Master Essence is loaded with 9 types of ginger, most from the big island, a combination of both fragrantly sweet (like some of the ginger family fragrant flowers) and also fiery spice (like the ginger root itself) that together create a lure to awaken you back to the present moment so you can ask yourself… do you really want to eat that?

Flower Essences for Curbing Excess or Addictive Eating:

Iniko and Noni Essence Combo: Iniko may help those that crave sweetness excessively to energetically curb their tendency… without bitter, there is no sweet! And speaking of bitters… while Iniko Essence helps us confront our desire for sweet, Noni helps us to confront and expunge toxic energy we would rather avoid.


In addition to diet, it may be beneficial to supplement your diet with certain nutrients that can help your body to combat the effects of stress, such as electrolytes, trace minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins (is B, C, Zinc, Calcium, etc) , many of which can be derived from eating a balanced Whole Foods based diet.


The following flower & mineral essences may help you with overall Vitality:

Emerald Light™, Golden Aura™, Garnet Glow™️, aka our Trio for Energetic Strength and Vitality. Color is the simplest form of energy to be assimilated by the human energy field; try alternating these 3 Essences when your energy levels are low or depleted.Master Gem EssencesShanti Kai™ Master Gemstone Essences to Feed Your Soul:

Try our Calcite Master™ when you feel the need to reestablish basic building blocks of well being.

Quartz Master™ Essence is an amplifier for positive thought, to encourage, motivate, and strengthen, and you can add it in combination with any other spray to boost the effects.

Try Tourmaline Master™ Essence along your spine, or down your front side over 7 main energy centers to balance, align, clear, and recharge.

Ruby Master™ Essence is a master heart chakra healer, it can help you invoke passion for life.

Garnet Master™ Essence also has energetic effects on clearing blood, we recommend it for strengthening and invigorating your physical body and life force energy.

Single Ingredient Essences for Vitality:Garnet Essence Blends
On the note of Garnet Essences:

Orange Garnet Blend may help boost well being.
Green Garnet Blend may help with stress, trauma, and worry.
Red Garnet Blend for invoking strength, passion, forgiveness, and vitality.

Malachite Essence strengthens the heart chakra and is believed to help with environmental protection, promote vitality and inspire luck.

Peridot Essence is masterful for vitality and energetic release of nervous system tension.

Purple Amethyst Essence is a Master Healer that affects spiritual healing and Green Amethyst Essence aids physical vitality.

Ametrine Essence helps heal tears in the auric field that can result in fatigue & imbalance.

Emerald Essence relates to the female heart meridian & like a soothing mother may benefit a calm heart & nerves.

Morning Glory is just like it sounds… get up in the morning inspired, motivated, and revitalized. This Essence helps you start your day at your peak.Single Essences for Vitality

Spanish Clover teaches trauma release and healing and is a teacher to us all in rebounding with courage & strength. It may be especially good to take if you’ve a bit been under the weather.

Red Tower Ginger is a “fiercely vital” ginger that helps you adapt to and rise above challenges.

Coneflower Essence encourages altruistic love and charity, balanced with staying true to your own needs. It may help strengthen the mana held in second and third chakras.

Native Hawaiian Ohai also helps increases both your mana (inner power) in sacral chakra & teaches us to adapt to any type of weather or circumstance.

Hau Tree Essence detoxifies parasitic energies, and relates to third chakra. It helps the subtle energy field capture light energy so essential to healing and vitality and may help support the physical body during a crisis.View all Essences for VitalityOften times, the best way to check if an essence is right for you is to use kinesiology, muscle testing, energetically dowse, or otherwise intuitively check in (i.e. what resonates with you the most).

For more information on diet, stay tuned for our free dietary guide pdf, which we will be releasing for free ahead of our Naturopathic Guide… coming soon!References

*The following bodies of knowledge are references the author has previously studied and may have drawn from in writing this newsletter series. For specific questions please DM us. We will be releasing a more extensive body of work with greater detail in referencing source materials at a later time.

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