Moonstone Essence for the Lunar Eclipse

The upcoming penumbral lunar Moon Eclipse, is occurring in the sign of Gemini on Monday, November 30th (or very early Sunday, HST)! This eclipse will be visible from North America, and (according to Ayurveda) its effects more pronounced in this region. A penumbral eclipse creates a dark shadow on the moons face, but it may seem almost unnoticeable to the human eye. Similarly, such an eclipse has the effect of enveloping you in your own shadow, temporarily masking your inner light. In fact, lunar eclipse Eclipses can bring intense energy and show you the parts of yourself that you might not want to see, (i.e. your “shadow”). Not only that, but Neptune is also ending its retrograde cycle this weekend and this transition can only add to the intensity.

This particular lunar eclipse falls in the air sign of Gemini, and hence you may find yourself becoming more aware of the duplicity in your own nature, or that of those around you. You may finding your thoughts and feelings are in play, and your emotions running hot and cold. You may also find this time shines light on hidden darkness in your relationships, bringing hidden motivations (or even duplicity) out of the shadows. As Gemini represents the twins (and togetherness), it also shows two faces – and when at odds or in its shadow phase – may bring to light feelings of separateness and even isolation. Moreover, this lunar eclipse in Gemini could spur feelings of betrayal, rejection, and disappointment… so it’s important to remember that you are under its effects, and so finding ways to stay grounded, while increasing your self care can be extremely increasingly crucial.

Shanti Kai™ Moonstone Master Essence contains multiple varieties of moonstone including rainbow, white, black, peach, and green. Our Moonstone Master Essence is particularly nurturing, inspiring feelings of comfort and self-care. No matter where you find yourself this holiday (and beyond)…as eclipses have shadow periods that can last well beyond the actual occurrence, you may find picking up a bottle and working with it throughout the holiday months to be particularly beneficial. It can also be helpful with [energetic] aspects of emotional eating, and may further enhance qualities of safety and protection. This Essence helps you mirror back negativity, and encourages you to deflect unwanted energy. It is both protective and nurturing and helps brings you to your own inner safe place – not unlike a baby who is cocooned in their mother’s womb. For this reason, it’s recommended when you are traveling, sleeping in new places, feeling alone, need a little protection, and/or when you’re down and could use to increase your self care.

Especially coming on the heels of a holiday weekend with unprecedented “new norms” – that is, with COVID causing government to imply limitations on how many households can gather under one roof (e.g. such as in California and beyond) and the CDC asking people not to travel – warning it’s unsafe and encouraging you to instead spend the holidays alone – it’s not hard to see how the holiday has in fact been seemingly “eclipsed”. If you do find yourself traveling this holiday weekend (or over the Christmas holidays) or any time for that matter, you may find Shanti Kai Moonstone Master the perfect travel companion; it helps you align with the higher vibrations of love and light available to you always, as well as to bring nurturing self-care and support (along with greater sense of protection). Moreover, it helps ease the mind into a peaceful state so that you can rest more easily – wherever you may be.

Whether you spent the Thanksgiving holiday alone, or with family and (as I’ve heard from so many) practicing the new norm of social distancing… eating Thanksgiving dinner outside on tables that are 6 feet apart or talking to relatives from across the room all the while wearing masks… If you miss seeing others smiling faces and feeling their warm embraces… OR even if you are used to spending holidays on your own (and maybe even prefer it that way) – but all the same find you can use a little extra self love and TLC during this time – Shanti Kai™ Moonstone master blend is an excellent choice.

And whilst most westerners love to watch eclipses (when they’re visible) other traditions suggest we stay inside and not go out during these times. Regardless, if you believe that being out looking at the eclipse can be detrimental, we tend to agree with the part about using this time for meditation (or to foster a meditative state – which can be done by holding a one-pointed focus on any activity). Shanti Kai™ Moonstone Master eases meditation and can help awaken your upper chakras, deepening your connection to the angelic realm and the benevolent celestial forces that would seek to guide you on your path. It further opens you to the Christ consciousness – which is awakened in your upper or ascension chakras – while invoking feelings of unconditional love, acceptance, and greater awareness of your divine worth and purpose.

Even though Eclipses have a tendency to illuminate our deepest feelings and emotions, including all those scary parts lurking in the shadows like doubts, fears, and insecurities, the positive side is that facing your shadow brings darkness into light, and as such this is a powerful time for self reflection and introspection. Working with our Moonstone Master Essence evokes self nurturing qualities that it is recommended for mothers and newborns, to encourage nurturing connection and loving harmony.

You can’t always control your surroundings, nor the cosmic energy at hand, holiday pandemics, government rules, or the health and safety of others… but you can warm your own heart a little on the inside and learn to self nurture, align, and embrace all that is good and pure in this world – and our Moonstone Master Essence Blend can help you do just that!