Balanced Communication Companion EssencesMercurEase™ is loaded with flowers and gemstones that may help one to think outside the box, may benefit artistic endeavors such as writing expressively, and may help the mind assimilate information more quickly. It’s also our premier Essence for the mental processing involved in communication – the mind-throat connection – taking information apart, assimilating it, and responding in kind.

Modern communication involves more than just speaking and writing; it often involves an electronic device of some kind – computers, smartphones, etc. Communication issues can therefore arise not just because something is said wrong or in the wrong tone, but because of technological mishaps. “I didn’t get the text”, “no one answered the phone”, “it didn’t ring”, “there was no message”, “my computer won’t start”, “it wasn’t on my calendar”…. are just a few examples.

Mercury Retrograde is a time when such technological snafus and communication problems abound. The positive side of this is such problems can point out areas that need your attention – like it’s time for a new smartphone, or maybe I should reread things before I click “post”. However, it can also be a very frustrating time. And let’s face it – once frustration sets in, communication gets even worse. The mind gets flustered, one’s temper can become erratic, and one may vent or express themselves negatively toward others. All of these things can lead to a very unbalanced fifth or Vishuddha chakra.

The 5th chakra governs the throat and ears, speaking and hearing – our communication mechanisms. Shanti Kai™ Vishuddha (aka Throat Chakra) Essence is comprised of flowers, gemstones, and precious metal vibrations that promote a strong, balanced, and open throat chakra. A strong and balanced throat chakra naturally benefits self-expression, communication, and one’s receptivity toward others.

Used on its own, MercurEase™ is our go to for Mercury Retrograde, but this month we are promoting it alongside Vishuddha™ for strengthening and toning the Throat Chakra. We like to think of this as adding a little long term security by strengthening the chakra that is relied upon for all things Mercury.

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