Halloween is around the corner, and there may be some tricks in store with Mercury turning retrograde on the same day.  Time to stock up on a Shanti Kai™ treat, our MercurEase™ Essence, to help mitigate some of the communication snafus, memory slips, technological glitches, and travel issues that tend to pop up around this time, and to promote harmony and success no matter what comes your way.

MercurEase™ is our ultimate blend for communication and intelligent thinking. This special synergy of ingredients helps you to be more receptive to others’ words, and to hear the true message and intention behind what they are saying, and it promotes a clear mind and organized thoughts. And what about all those technology hiccups, and interruptions to our plans in general? MercurEase™ may help you to be more adaptable, as well as increase your problem solving abilities so that things run more smoothly.