MercurEase for the Mercury Retrograde Shadow

Mercury retrograde, which will begin November 16th, is a period lasting approximately three weeks when areas such as communication, critical thinking and our ability to focus can present more challenges. However, we can start to feel the effects of this transit up to three weeks before it actually begins, during what is known as the shadow phase, which also occurs once the retrograde has ended. Luckily, our Mercurease™ Essence is formulated to help counter the effects of all phases of Mercury retrograde, by helping to promote clear communication, intelligent thinking, and mental coordination.

Mercurease™ draws on very powerful ingredients from the plant and mineral kingdoms that aid in receptivity, smooth communication of all types, and a clear state of mind. It may assist with helping you to hear and understand what another is “truly” saying, and with harmonizing interpersonal relationships, as well as helping organize a scattered mind. Furthermore, this blend may help you to synchronize your timing with the universal flow, adapt to challenges, and increase access to creativity and problem solving capabilities.

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