There’s lots going on in the cosmos this week that will affect you for weeks to come!  With several aspects occurring that can affect balance in relationships and communication, as well as feelings of internal conflict and mounting stress and pressure, you’ll want to have a few of our essences in your toolbox – including our MercurEase™ and Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra Essences featured in the video above!

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First we have Mars which is still in retrograde and will be until November. This transit can cause internal pressure and tension to build – you may have noticed it in your stress levels and emotions – increased anger, anxiety, motivation self expression, or otherwise.  If you’ve felt out of sorts, restless and/or maybe a bit irritable, you may have noticed it ripple into your interactions with others… Well joy! That’s because to complicate matters, this Friday retrograde Mars is going to face off with the super new moon in peace loving Libra, an opposition that can stir up oppositional energies in your partnerships and interactions with others. But don’t despair!  This new moon is also ripe with opportunity for new beginnings… especially in the Libra ruled area of relationships!

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And don’t forget about Mercury! Mercury is also turning retrograde in Scorpio this week (tomorrow, October 13th), with its own set of tricks in tow!  (Double joy!). Mercury retrograde is known for its muddling effect on travel, technology, AND on communication….  which means, like the the Mars Retrograde and Mars Super Moon Face Off, your relationships may experience a little extra salt on top of the already building tension!  During this transit that lasts until November 3rd, you might find it more challenging for yourself to work with others, especially significant others, business partners, close friends, etc, as difficulties and misunderstandings may arise.  You may also find that as tension continues to build, communication issues that have been lingering make their way to the surface to be dealt with during this time.

The combined energy of these transits can influence the balance and energy in your relationships through the next month and beyond! We’re recommending the following essences to help you more easily work with the cosmic energies at hand… to bring more balance and peace into your life, partnerships, and all that you do!

Mars™ Essence was designed to help you work the energies of the Red Planet.  When Mars is retrograde you might be “seeing red”, but not know how to deal with this energy.  If misdirected, you may find yourself in unnecessary feuds!   Mars™ Essence can help you to take your frustration, tension and pressure, harness it, and transmute it into a positive force that enables you to birth something new!  Think of this essence like the chariot you need to catapult you into action – you’re still the driver but the ride can get so much better with the right vehicle and energy to propel you forward!

Lighten Up™ Essence, an unlikely companion for our Mars Master Blend, may be just the thing you need  to help you “lighten up” a little so that underlying stress doesn’t feel so serious! It can bring you a greater sense of lightness to your relationships, partnerships, and sense of duty in general!

For Mars, don’t forget there is a face off with the new moon on Friday which happens to be in Venus ruled Libra!  You may want to reach for our Venus™ blend for greater balance and poise during the coming weeks, as this aspect is bound to stir up further tension in your relationships… Venus™ Essence can help you tap into the harmonizing aspects of Libra, who is ruled by the goddess of love, balance, and creativity.

What’s More?  Harmony™, Anahata™, our Heart Chakra Blend, and others are great options for opening the heart and promoting balance in your relationships and affairs with others.  It helps harmonize your heart chakra energies with those around you, bringing vibrations of unconditional love and acceptance to the forefront.   Both of these essences can also help you to usher in fresh new energy and inspiration and used alongside our Mars™ Essence can help catapult you to new beginnings.

Chakra Essences augment MercurEase™ for total mind-body-spirit balance!

MercurEase™ is our top Essence choice for countering the effects of Mercury Retrograde, helping you work past communication barriers, ease resistance to self-expression, and mentally cope with ever-increasing problems with technology (which definitely tend to increase with Mercury Retrograde!).  MercurEase™ is formulated to empower fluid conversation, and left/right brain balance, helping you mentally process multiple energies at once and promoting greater understanding in your personal relationships, and with your relationships with technology! . Our Vishuddha™: Throat Chakra Essence can also be a great companion to use with MercurEase™, helping to open and balance this important energy center and further benefit your expression.  You can also partner Anahata™ and Vishuddha™ Essences for a greater sense of balance and self-expression, helping you to communicate from the heart!  What’s more, our Svadhisthana™ or Sacral Chakra Essence also benefits relationship issues and partnership balance, as does our Papaya Master flower essence, which is yours FREE when you spend $92 in a single web order (see details below and on our website!)