Ma-Hina and Harmony

Our Shanti Kai™ Picks for tomorrow’s blue moon include Intuition™ and Harmony™ Essence Blends. There’s lots of cosmic energy in play this weekend as we approach Easter Sunday as well as a full moon on Saturday. This full moon is a Blue Moon, meaning it is the second full moon of the month, and occurs in the sign of Libra. Libra represents relationships, compromise, negotiations, graciousness, and balance. As all full moons are a time of culmination, heightened emotions, and illumination, all things Libra may come out into the open in your lives requiring that you deal with them – or at least pay attention. Unfortunately, there are also some other aspects occurring on Saturday that could make the effects of this moon phase more challenging. The moon will also coincide with Mercury Retrograde and form a square to Mars and Saturn – all of which may cause frustration, guardedness and difficulty with self-expression…hardly a recipe for drawing upon the balancing energies of Libra!

For this particular lunation we are recommending our Intuition Essence™, a blend that helps you to tap the power of the moon, especially as it relates to accessing your own intuition and developing your innate sixth-sense. We are also recommending our Harmony Essence™, which helps you to bring balance to your relationships (whether in groups or in one-on-one interactions), as well as assisting with your own internal balance and Mind-Body-Spirit connection. Just what you’ll need to ensure smooth communication and balance all the emotions (and epiphanies) that are sure to come up with this Libra blue moon!

**Note: Moon Goddess™ has replaced Intuition™ in this pairing, as it has the same effect.