Happy New Year Supermoon

Essences for New Year 2018

Happy New Year! The new year is here bringing with it the 3rd in a trilogy of Supermoons and the first of two in January. The current Supermoon is located at 11 degrees Cancer which means it’ll be opposite of Venus and issues around love and relationships will be in the air.

New Years Resolutions so much a part of January 1st traditions coincide with a blast of energy from the Supermoon in Capricorn bringing with it enormous energy for starting new goals and the stamina and focus to see them through. A cancer moon is a “moon’s moon”, as the moon is at home in her native sign. As Cancer represents the archetypical mother, and Capricorn the archetypical father – this male-female duality can bring up any disparities we have between our own internal parents (mother/father) or other relationship issues, especially between parent child or relating to male-female dynamics.

What’s more, the, Sun, Moon, Venus, and Pluto are all in a relatively rare alignment known as a “kite formation” – this brings both the capacity for deep creative potential but also of darkness, abuse of power, and deception. This influence can also cause our shadow selves to emerge in full force, bringing up uncomfortable aspects we’d rather forget, insecurities, and demons from the past. However it also brings the opportunity to heal and to put the demons to rest once and for all – for when we heal our past we automatically reset the future.

While this just scratches the surface of all the energies at play all in all, it’s a power packed way to bring in the New Year. To better take advantage of this very special astrological alignment and start the new year off with a burst of energy we recommend working any or all of the following Shanti Kai™ Master Essence Blends:

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