Essences for Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time again…. time to get your MercurEase™ on! On Thursday, July 26th, Mercury will turn retrograde in the sign of Leo until August 19th… joining 4 other planets already in retrograde! That’s why we are recommending pairing our beloved MercurEase™ with another much-loved favorite: Guardian Angel™, for a little added protection and shielding during what could otherwise be a cosmically chaotic time.

Mercury assumes a perceived “backwards” motion three to four times a year for about three weeks at a time, called a retrograde. Mercury rules communication, coordination, and how we process information that we receive from our environment and from others. When Mercury turns retrograde. our daily communications and mental processes can go haywire, causing confusion and slow-downs such as mis-sent texts or e-mails, misinterpreting something communicated to us, or dropping or misplacing things. Luckily, our MercurEase™ Essence Blendis specially formulated to balance the effects that Mercury has on our every day lives. Flower and gemstone ingredients in this blend may help to smooth out communications with others, while promoting cooperation and unity in interpersonal relationships. It may also help promote a clearer state of mind, enhance problem solving capabilities, and improve mental coordination.

And since multiple planets are in retrograde motion right now, our Guardian Angel™ blend is great essence to use for a little added shielding. The synergy of this blend creates a shield of protection around your aura, that keeps out negative frequencies, and also helps release and calm fears held in the Heart Chakra. It’s also a great essence for working with Archangel Michael, and thus perfect for healing practitioners, empaths and people sensitive to energy.