Ma-Hina and MercurEase

There’s a new moon tomorrow in the sign of Mercury ruled Gemini, and a great time to break out our Gemini New Moon Essence Duo, Intuition™ and Mercurease™, on sale for a limited time at 20% when purchased together, or 15% if purchased separately!

The planet rules your communication and every day expression, as well as coordination and how you organize and process ideas and information. Our Mercurease™ Essence Blend is formulated with flowers and gemstones that help you to align with the best parts of Mercury energy by helping you to express yourself clearly as well as to hear what others are trying to say, which promotes balanced relationships. Mercurease™ also improves your mental coordination and helps to organize a scattered mind so that you can stay focused and clear.

Where Mercury is largely un-emotional, the Moon rules our emotions, and that’s where our Intuition™ Essence comes into play. Intuition™ is loaded with gemstone and flowers that connect us with Lunar energy and balance our emotions. It also helps to align us with natures Lunar cycles, which balances your internal rhythms. This particular Lunation is a new moon which makes it a good time for new beginnings, setting intentions, or starting something new and Intuition™ Essence can help you tap into and make the most of this energy.

Together, this Essence duo can help you focus on new beginnings and set you on a new path related to where communication and expression play a role in your life! Read more about this duo.