Companion Essences For a Fresh Start
Release It™ and Mu Yang™ Companion Essences
offer a fresh start to the year of the sheep. Leave behind the unwanted energies from 2014 (year of the horse), such as conflict, tension, unwillingness to compromise, rigidity, and a general lack of stability. The year of the sheep, 2015, is all about peaceful resolutions, coming together, compromise, cooperation, understanding others, and communication. It’s a great year for starting anew in relationships, both business and personal, as well as the most important relationship: with oneself.

Often times when we judge ourselves or are harsh and critical about where we think we ought to be, we create pressure for ourselves that is futile and hard to live up to. Working with Mù Yáng and Release It™, one can begin to let go of judgments and criticism both within themselves AND others and step into a new, more expansive, harmonious energy.

We recommend using Release It™ at night and Mù Yáng™ in the morning and throughout the day.

Customer Tip:

“I sprayed Mù Yáng™ over my back pain and it instantly went away. I had asked Jayme which sprays to use for my back pain and she gave me Release It™ and Mù Yáng™. I thought it was strange at first that the 2015 spray was what she recommended but after doing a private session with her I realized I was carrying a lot of anxiety about the future and that was causing me to feel unsupported- and I was feeling it in my low back. I am now working with both the Release It™ and Mù Yáng™ sprays on a regular basis and I no longer have the back pain issue.”
– Claire, 37, Honolulu, Hawaii