Flower Essences Sale

Sale ended 6/3/2016.

  • Anthurium: May help clear and repattern the Heart seed atom (inherited from the Father), may assist one in resolving deep seated issues with the father. May help with energetic balancing of issues around male fertility and procreation.
  • Begonia: For second chakra, creativity, and sexual balance. May especially benefit males.
  • Crown Flower: Helps resolve all types of worthiness issues and helps one find their inner royalty. It’s a powerful crown chakra opener and helps one open to the experience of true Divinity.
  • Kula Gardenia: Clears blockages in second chakra, brings lightness to heavy emotions as it releases “caged” or trapped energies in second chakra. Such caged energies are typically in the form of stored anger or rage.
  • Lilikoi: Invokes creativity, integration and transformation. It may develop one intuitively, raising one’s antenna or sensitivity, as well as bring emotional balance and help stabilize heart energies.
  • Lobelia: Intuitive Development. Activates third eye. Helps one tune into hidden motivations and emotional undercurrents. May enhance Sixth sense capabilities.
  • Noni : Helps ease acceptance of seemingly “hard or bitter truths” so that one can clear and move on. May help one recognize aspects of their shadow (parts of the unconscious mind that have been repressed or that act out of desire, weakness, instinct or shortcomings).
  • Papaya: Works on sacral charka, happiness, emotional balance. Relationship balance.
  • Snapdragon: Aligns cranial plates, replenishes creative/sexual energy, aligns lower chakras to sync with 5th chakra, helps one to hold back quick or angry retorts – softens speech.
  • Strawberry: Clears subtle mental body around the head, stimulates vision. Energetically appears as circling whitish light from crown to neck center.
  • Sunflower: May help bring healing with stored issues around one’s Father (or father figure) and help increase understanding with issues of anger and resentment. Increases nurturing energy. Also helps one learn to self nurture and may benefit emotional eating.
  • White Water Lily: Helps one to flourish even out of the hardest of circumstances. It helps one process emotionally during times of challenge and encourages acceptance and peace with life’s harder lessons.