EudialyteEudialyte is a beautiful and somewhat rare red-violet gemstone that hails primarily from Russia, but is also found in Greenland, Norway, Arkansas and Mont Saint Hilaire, Canada. It is a stone of personal empowerment, emotional healing, and heart centered love. As an essence, it is especially good for helping individuals (especially females) release jealousy, envy, and the tendency to feel threatened in their relationships by other women. While at times feeling threatened or insecure in one’s relationship is a sign that one needs a different partner, often times it’s the signal that there is old trauma that needs to be healed and released. In my practice, I frequently see individuals who feel this way adopt smothering or suspicious postures towards their partners or spouses, and in the long run, having this fear energy in the relationship only pushes one to create the outcome they fear.

A much better strategy is to heal the inner wound and get the lesson that the unwanted feelings or situation is trying to bring up. Then the need for the outer circumstance can release on its own. Once you get the deeper lesson that a given situation or experience is trying to teach, the need for the situation goes away and one’s reality can then begin to change. Shanti Kai’s Release It™ Blend contains Eudialyte Essence. If one is looking specifically to work with the release of jealousy, boosting our Release It™ Blend by taking it with our Eudialyte Essence can make for a particularly powerful combination. Eudialyte Essence is especially soothing for women, and working with this combo one can begin to successfully change her mantra from “other women are a threat” to “other women are my allies”.