Tonight’s Full Moon -also known as the Strawberry moon- is a Super Moon, coming as close to the earth as it can- and is also the brightest and last lunation of spring.   In vedic astrology, this full moon takes place in the last degree of the watery sign of Scorpio- in what is known as Jyestha nakshatra, and just before the fiery sign of Saggittarius – i.e. in what is called a gandata or karmic knot (literally translated as a place of drowning) as the #moon moves from a sign of #fire to #water. Its set to bring up intense #emotion as well as shine a light on and illuminate the turbulent undercurrents belying the change that is to come.  

For this we are recommending Shanti Kai™ Strawberry Moon Companion Essences, Ma-Hina™, named for the Hawaiian Moon Goddess, and Golden Aura™, from the Shanti Kai™ Color Line.  Used together they embrace the watery energy of the Moon, and the fiery energies of Light to cleanse, strengthen and fortify your aura (or energy) in the days and weeks following this Full Moon (or whenever you need a boost).   Ma-Hina™ can be used to inspire tranquility, #creativity, and help balance your female energies (so important with Venus and Rahu in Bharani), as well as enhance the quality of your meditations.  Golden Aura™ can be used to increase your prana, amplifying the light in your energy (in fact, we refer to it a “Golden Light bath”) as well as help transmute any negativity in your environment, so that it does not become a part of you.  It can also aid you in raising your own vibrational frequency and helping you stay spiritually connected regardless of what is going on around you.  

The full moon in Scorpio is known to dredge up anxieties and fears- and as you look inwardly at them, beckons you to overcome and/or transform them.  While  Jyesthanakshatra deals with themes of power and dominion- #empowerment, as well as frustrations and the need to rise up against oppression.   This super moon is full of Mars energy- and thus caution is warranted- Full moons are not necessarily the best time to make decisions- and working with our Ma-Hina™ and Golden Aura™ Companion Essences can help you take pause, turn inward, and work with the energies at hand to cleanse, strengthen, and transform- to meditate on the creative- if not emotional energies at hand before taking action, so that, when you do, it is from the right place.  We recommend spraying Ma-Hina™ over your temples, 3rd eye, neck, chest, along spine, and abdomen, followed by Golden Aura™ over your crown, third eye, base of temples, spine, feet and of course throughout your aura.  Pair with any cleansing or meditative ritual, and/or use as needed throughout the day to refresh and invigorate your energy.  Also a wonderful adjunct to your beauty routine to amplify inner radiance!