Essences for the New Moon

Anxious, confused, defensive, frustrated… misunderstood? The October 6th new moon is a fiery one, and may have you feeling a little more sensitive than normal. Its alignment with the warrior aspect of Mars, which is fully combust, is giving rise to a lot of pitta energy – one of the three doshas in Ayurveda that aligns with the fire element and signifies transformation. Mars in turn, has to do with how we express our feelings – especially anger and frustration – and this new moon in particular brings with it qualities of impatience, frustration, powerlessness, and violation. Sounds great, huh? Just what you all needed!

Mercury Retrograde, like the New Moon, is also a time for you to evaluate your inner terrain and take note of any miscommunications and related mishaps that come your way – so you can do the introspective work needed to get back on track. The New Moon coupled to Mercury, which is in its last retrograde of the year, may find you experiencing increasing levels of misunderstandings – ones that are likely to play off all this fire, and have you running in circles with no conclusion or solution. That’s because Mercury Retrograde is amplifying the warrior-Mars energy of the New Moon, bringing escalating levels of confusion and frustration; in fact, if you’re not careful, you’re likely to find yourself feeling like a fiery hot mess, spewing lava at anything that comes your way.

So how do you work with the energy of this New Moon, and not get caught up in it? Well, first of all, we are suggesting using this time leading up to it, as well as the days following, for introspection and contemplation. Choose your words wisely and use them sparingly. Meditate, pray, journal, walk… anything but talk talk talk…

We also recommend working with Shanti Kai™ Mars™ Essence, formulated to help you balance all this fire and channel it forward appropriately. Coupling it to MercurEase™ Essence for balancing the effects of retrograde, promoting healthy communication and energetically strengthening your mental capacity of course, can only help!

We also recommend working with Shanti Kai™ Ma-Hina™, one of our premiere Essences for working with lunar energy, to tap into the softer side of things, and bring in some of that much needed feminine, divine energy. Named after the Hawaiian Moon Goddess, Hina, this powerful yin Essence can help you channel the lighter side of this “dark” time [of the waning moon and night sky].

This New Moon in particular brings a special quality of softening and illumination; that is because it takes place in the Nakshatra of Hasta (Virgo in Vedic Tradition OR Libra in Western) and carries a connection to the sun goddess, Gayatri. This can thus be a very nurturing time as well as a time of great revelation when used for introspection, and allowing yourself to tap into its more refined aspects (rather than getting caught in the fiery frenzy of Mercury and Mars). What’s more, this particular New Moon is followed by nine days known in Vedic tradition as Navaratri, a celebration of the Goddess and Divine Mother, including the fiery aspect of the Goddess in the form of Durga.

Ma Durga (as she is known) might be considered more akin to Pele in Hawaiian tradition – the volcano goddess who channels her anger to bring justice in the form of fiery retribution, with the end result being total transformation and rebirth. Thus you might benefit from working with our Pele™, Goddess Power™, and or Golden Aura™ Essences, the latter being our premiere “Sun” Essence – up until, and in the weeks following the New Moon, in addition to Shanti Kai™ Mars™ and MercurEase™. And, if you don’t have any of these on hand, you may also choose to work with our Transformation™ to help harness the energy at hand and channel it into something more productive and constructive.

Taken together, all of this amounts to the October New Moon being a time where your inner demons can be revealed, and you can choose to deal with them on an inner plane – exposing them and bringing them into the light. For only when you become aware of the shadows do you truly find the sun – and for this New Moon in particular, it would be wise to seek out your shadows from within, to work with the energies at hand constructively and co-creatively, illuminating, nurturing, and softening the aspects of yourself which might feel misunderstood, frustrated, confused, and angry.

In conclusion, take caution to spend time alone and/or in safe company – to use your words wisely – and of course, not to light any forests on fire. 🔥