March 2nd, 2022 New Moon

As a new moon is ushered through in the sign of Pisces (in western astrology) and Aquarius (in Vedic), and tensions are running high. Indeed, the cosmos has ushered in a powerful planetary line up that, by any standards, is ripe with potential and full of karmic meaning. Western astrological interpretation is heralding a Golden Opportunity to manifest your dreams and visions while Vedic tradition forecasts the precipice of change and major karmic shifts.

New Moon in Shatabhisha

The New Moon is in the part of the sky known (in Vedic tradition) as Shatabhisha,- the nakshatra known as “the healing star”- and, together with Aquarius, points to illuminating wounds and revealing that which needs healing. The New Moon alongside the Saturn-Mercury conjunction (in Capricorn), points to special significance on illuminating darkness within the mind – and the need to heal karmic wounds that may be afflicting it. Fortunately, however, this New Moon is also seen as favorable for bestowing healing and the awareness of cures.

Planetary Wars & You

Following, the Venus-Mars conjunction aspecting Pluto is also bringing tension to the forefront. It may be challenging you with emotions coming to the surface and it is thus a time to check in with your emotions and anything you’ve been holding in so you can get clear about what’s there and what you need to release. In both western and Vedic astrological traditions, the interplay of planetary wars alongside the New Moon – i.e. Mars-Venus and Saturn-Mercury conjunctions – underscore the importance of being clear within yourself and doing the healing work necessary to empty your vessel and move forward (i.e. without emotional baggage).

Aquarius New Moon, Healing & Liberation

As such, the new moon in Aquarius/Shatabhisha could be viewed as a sort of harbinger, ringing the bells of freedom, and signaling the return of certain liberties. The covid era we have been living in finally appears to be making its exit – and – even in Hawaii, the final state requiring masks, and where the unvaccinated have not been allowed in restaurants or most public venues for the majority of the pandemic … it seems things have finally started to soften (if only a little!).

Both individually and collectively, this New Moon represents a time to shine the light on – and become more conscious of – where the past has left you, so you can become more clear about where the future is taking you. As with any ending, there is a time to review, to look at where you are at …. and this New Moon in particular can have the effect of lifting any veils of illusion and revealing the things in your life – (and mind) – that still need healing.

New Moon in Pisces – Western Interpretation

In western Astrology, the New Moon is sitting grandly in the 12th (and final) zodiac sign of Pisces with both the sun AND Jupiter. Indeed, the New Moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces emotes an environment conducive to dreaming – and dreaming BIG … to create the vision you want to bring about, AND using your focus to manifest it maximally… (i.e. presumably when the sun moves into Aries). By this interpretation, the Pisces New Moon is the time to tie up loose ends and prepare for new beginnings… and thus if you’ve been experiencing holdups (i.e. within in the universal energy), it would appear the energy is getting ready to pick up speed and move a bit faster!

Shanti Kai™ Essences and Law of Attraction

While it’s absolutely true that you can manifest abundance, you must remember that the magnetic field of the heart is at least 10,000x that of the mind. Your conscious mind and/or intentional thoughts make up only 4-6% of your brains operating power. Your heart responds much more to your subconscious- which is the other 94 – 96%- and ultimately, it is what you feel – not what you think – that defines your field of attraction. You feel what you feel not because of what you want to think or feel, but because of what is stored within your subconscious. This is why if you try to attract or manifest something in your life without first resolving and clearing the underlying trauma (or any underlying trauma that may be connected to that which you want to manifest), it will either fail to happen the way you want it, or you will manifest a bigger problem before you are allowed the thing or goal you desire. It’s like a mountain shows up blocking your path and revealing everything standing in between you and the thing you want to attract – and it is that mountain that you must climb, tunnel through, or remove – in order to get to your desired manifestation. (AND That is why I often recommend you use an Essence for clearing along with an Essence for manifesting and/or attracting.). You may also benefit by accelerating your self growth through supplementing Essences therapeutically, such as through services offered at Shanti Kai™.

Working with Shanti Kai™ Essences

The great thing about our Shanti Kai™ Essences, is that they require little other than that you be ready for and open to change. However, sometimes they can work faster and more effectively if you couple them to other healing techniques. Additionally, working with them during key astrological events – especially factoring on your individual chart details – can be an ideal way to make the most of any astrological alignment, aspect or transit – and an ideal way to navigate (and survive) more challenging times.

March 2022 Cosmic Essences

Working with the right Essences for this New Moon creates a wonderful opportunity for you to clear and heal any unresolved and/or traumatic memory, to clear any distortions within your field of perception and liberate yourself of any associated illusions, as well as help you let go of the last chapter so you can turn the page and start a new one… all the whilst gaining a better understanding of the terrain you are on … so you can manifest the best path forward into the future and beyond.

We are thus recommending the following Essences during this time throughout the month of March. As always, we recommend you use your intuition, apply kinesiology testing, and/or other forms of dowsing, when selecting the Essence(s) that are best for you. You may also use the “Ask a Question” feature on our website to have Jayme scan you for a readout of Essences that your energy field reacts to best.

Suggested Essences

Ma-Hina™ – For working with the energy of the New Moon, revealing hidden truths and finding balance within. This Essence also can enhance your ability to meditate, which can be a valuable tool especially during times of uncertainty.

Mars™ – For bringing greater balance to your emotional states and easing passions, aggressions, and ambitions that might overcome you, and/or cause you to explode unintentionally – caught up in the moment. It may also help you to move forward, should you encounter frustration due to feeling stuck or stagnant, or experiencing energies that seem to be working against you, or causing resistance in your life.

Venus™ – for enhancing your creative process, increasing confidence, and increasing your sense of gratitude, blessing, and beauty during this time, and as you move from one phase to the next. This may also help to soften any malefic or aggressive Mars energy that may be playing out in your energy.

MercurEase™ – For balancing the left and right sides of the brain energetically, and helping you to apply calm and focus so you can stay mentally balanced, especially during challenging times.

Removing Obstacles™ – For clearing blockages in the root chakra that would keep you from being able to meditate and ground yourself effectively. May help you to react from a more balanced place when you encounter resistance from the outside world, especially resistance that is karmic and/or related to Saturn.

Prosperity™ – Take advantage of the golden opportunity that this cosmic line up brings. Clearing out the past and healing old wounds helps you make more room to expand and manifest new opportunity in the future. May help you to stay more positive and focused on the good that is happening around you and what you are learning in each situation, seeing everything as moving you closer to your goals.

Clarity™ – This helps you to feel from the space of your heart the direction that is best for you and to open your heart and mind to align with it. When you’re in a situation that seems murky, this Essence can help you to move towards the light. Should you be doing any kind of healing work related to things coming up at this time, this Essence can help you to find the solutions you seek.

Healer Within™ – Shatabhisha nakshatra is all about the healer- it’s name means “the healing star” or “100 healers”. This Essence helps to stimulate that part of your own inner consciousness that knows how to heal and can help you turn the light on or flick the switch so that you start those processes within yourself, especially important if you’ve been under a lot of stress or are not in the practice of regenerating and healing.

Water Lily Master™ – This can help you transcend your troubles and difficulties and follow a path into the light. This transition can reveal wounds or aspects of your self that need healing, and this Essence can help you find the light that you need to shine on those wounds to find the healing.

Imagine™ – This is our Essence for working with Neptune energy. It invokes your imagination so that you can visualize the future you want to create. It can help clarify your dreams and visions so that you can convey them in a way others can understand. It can also be an excellent tool for realigning yourself if you become ungrounded, such that any form of discipline is difficult.