Guardian Angel Intuition Moonstone

Today there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer which is also this year’s Wolf Moon. This eclipse may bring up a lot of emotions and make you aware of places where you would like to feel more secure, and all eclipses tend to bring up your shadow. We recommend using Shanti Kai™ Water Eclipse Companion Essences, Moon Goddess™ and Guardian Angel™ to help balance the emotions, ease feelings of fear, and strengthen feelings of protection.

Moon Goddess™, from the Shanti Kai™ Planetary Line, is designed to help you align and harmonize the energy of the moon, which is in its ruling sign of Cancer making this an especially powerful eclipse. This blend is designed to heighten your sixth sense and helps you to connect more deeply with your emotions, while also encouraging emotional and mental balance.

Guardian Angel™, our protection blend, is designed to to ease fear stored in the heart chakra. This blend is formulated to shield your energy field so that your vibration isn’t unnecessarily lowered which can affect your well-being. May be especially helpful to use in crowded areas or anytime you feel that you could use a little extra protection.

Note: This article originally referenced Intuition™ Essence, which has been replaced with Moon Goddess™ Essence, which has similar effects.