In Vedic astrology, this New Moon occurs in Pisces (Aries in Western Astrology) and represents the year ahead. This moon is also in the Revati nakshatra, which deals with nourishment, having faith, transitional phases and bridging different phases in life; it also rules the passage of time and the time spent “in-between” different phases. Thus, this new moon may be causing some frustrations as it can cause delays in the plans you thought were most important, instead redirecting your energies to the other things it deems matter more. It can be tough to be patient during these times as your higher-self can seem at odds with your own personal goals and desires. Overcoming the entrapments of the mind and the mind’s desire to accomplish its objectives during this phase is likely to cause feelings of doubt and impatience.

The moon, mercury and sun are all also in this portion of the sky, and tend to feel a little cut off or ignored here, especially Mercury.  Also in this New Moon phase, the moon is “delighting the sun”, as it is coming in close contact, and this can manifest as a situation where your higher self may be at odds with your conscious self, which has its own ideas about where it thinks your life is heading. Your higher-self however, unless totally cut off, does not get its directive from “you”, it gets its downloads from the universe, or from God- whatever you want to call the greater creative, omnipotent intelligence.

This inner conflict thus plays out a scenario where you are trying to line things up to get to where you think you need to go, and the Universe, or Sun and Moon as it may be in this case, the greater cosmos, are shifting things around to redirect you to where they see you need to be going. This may feel like a mess, or interference, but stay the path and remember patience, as your higher-self knows best. It is thus altering your course, and stifling your plans, and the ideas you thought were going to be moving forward, get put on hold. This is why we are recommending our Moonstone Master and Water Lily Master Essences… Moonstone Master Essence can help you manage transitions better- whether it be sleep or travel, or coming in and out of meditation. Moreover, it is a nourishing Essence for the soul, exactly what the New Moon in Revathi Nakshatra is insisting you do. Moonstone Master and Water Lily Master both help you to tune in to and align with your higher-self, and to heed the guidance from this plane. Water Lily Essence, in particular, can help you to align with the sun, the source of light on earth, and to stay connected to this light as you move through life’s murky waters. It encourages strong roots, and balanced emotions, and increases flexibility so you can shift and maneuver as is needed. Ultimately it promises to help you RISE, above the murky waters of life, and ensures you’ll reach your destination.