At Shanti Kai™ we offer a wide selection of pure, high energy, high quality Flower, Gemstone, Orchid, Color Frequencies, and other Vibrational Essences. Essences, or vibrational infusions, are often referred to as tinctures of liquid consciousness. In each single flower or gemstone infusion is contained the life force energy shaped according to the evolutionary seed pattern within the flower or gemstone from which the remedy was made. These vibrational infusions are not meant to address merely the symptom(s) one is experiencing but rather they seek to work on psycho-spiritual levels, contributing to transformational shifts in one’s core ways of thinking, being, and conceiving, thereby reshaping the very pattern of one’s soul and soul journey. When one considers the higher purpose of their life and the higher purpose of their life challenges, one begins to realize they are not merely physical beings here to indulge themselves sensually and materialistically, but rather that we are first spiritual beings with lessons to learn and missions to carry out. If we choose to grow, expand, and evolve through our lessons and experience then we can make rapid progress in our overall state of being and life experience here on Earth. Essences can greatly facilitate this spiritual, evolutionary process, often bringing us into new patterns of being before we’ve even realized a shift is occurring.

Although the highly sensitive individual may experience immediate effects of the essences, and many will derive instant benefits, Shanti Kai™ Essences are meant to work over time with prolonged regular use. Like most homeopathic substances, small dosages of Shanti Kai™ Essences are highly effective as the inter-workings are vibrational. Whereas homeopathics have vibrational effects on the organs and systems of the physical body, essences have vibrational effects first on the body’s Electromagnetic Field (EM) and subtle energy body, which can affect the physical body as a downstream event.

Much of what we understand about vibrational essences is derived largely on the principals of Dr. Bach and other pioneers in the field (see resource link) who stated that (in so many words) the underlying principals of illness are not physical in nature but rather the culmination of years of stress, apathy, boredom, anxiety, fears, etc. Dr. Bach moreover reasons that modern medicine has been largely unsuccessful in curing disease because it focuses almost solely on finding a physical cause when in fact the cause is not physical; since disease and injury are actually the culmination of built up stress and emotion, one cannot be cured merely by treating the physical, the underlying more esoteric causes of the illness must be approached and confronted. Bach further says that since we are physical beings that require physical healing, the solution to problems of illness and injury must be met on the physical plane and this can be effectively done in the form of an essence. Essences are physical in form but have a much refined effect on the actual plane where the source of the problem originates.

Pattern based vibrational infusions of flowers and gemstones (aka essences) carry the necessary frequencies to heal the source of illness and trauma – plants largely carry the corrective patterns for healing the nervous system (where mental and emotional distress first begin to manifest) and gemstones and minerals largely carry the patterns required for building and strengthening cellular structures and patterns. Many of these are intended to work by nature of releasing dense bodies of energy or trauma (often advanced forms of stress) that have accumulated on nerve plexus nearest the affected site of a illness or injury; these dense bodies found along the meridians of the body often exert a repressive or inhibitory effect on the immune system. Still, other essences will actually focus on activities such as repatterning, rebuilding, or transforming cellular patterns through first affecting the body’s EM field. For this reason, it’s important to choose essences that reflect different stages that one’s individual process requires. Many of the blends are formulated in a multi-tiered manner in order to encompass a wide range of needs while still winnowing in on specific types of problems or concerns.

Shanti Kai™ Essences are developed in purified areas of the Hawaiian islands using flowers (including tree flowers, water plant flowers, & orchids), gemstones, minerals, and precious metals from all over the world. The energy of the Hawaiian islands is naturally interwoven with our Shanti Kai™ Essence products, and in addition, we infuse color frequencies and other vibrational energies using proprietary methods that make Shanti Kai™ Essences truly unique.

Essences are not essential oils. Essential oils are added to Shanti Kai™ Essence sprays to enhance their sensory effect and help open the user to an expansive experience. Although most Shanti Kai™ Blends come in dropper bottles as well as spray bottles (atomizers), for the most part only the Shanti Kai™ sprays contain essential oils. However, all Shanti Kai™ Essences can be made with or without essential oils but the 1/2 oz dropper bottles are typically not made with essential oils. Shanti Kai™ only uses high grade pure therapeutic essential oils.

While Shanti Kai™ cannot make any claims about healing, the mechanism of essences on the body’s physical form perhaps is best described as follows. The body has an electromagnetic field (EM). Essences work on the body’s EM. Any time there is a physical illness or injury there is a corresponding break or rupture in the body’s EM field. Essences first go to heal or seal the EM rupture. Once the EM field is repaired and/or strengthened, the essences can then begin to elicit a downstream effect on the other layers of the issue or problem at hand. If you think of the EM field like a bullet proof vest, sealing off the breakage keeps further dangers out, however, the physical body may still need some assistance dislodging the bullets that are already inside. This can be accomplished by using a gradient of essence in a long term combinatorial manner but may sometimes require taking a series of essences or blends in a specific sequence for maximum effectiveness.

If the right essences are selected for a given issue, the chances of seeing progress toward a desired result are much greater (although there are numerous benefits to any essence or blend and one should not worry about selecting the “wrong” one.) However, at Shanti Kai™ we want to help you derive the greatest possible benefit from our essences, and as such we are here to help guide you through the essence selection process.

Shanti Kai™ Essences are designed for long term use. Most of the labels give suggested dosage instructions, however, they all contain the caveat “or as needed or desired.” Essences are vibrational in nature and therefore in most cases do not pose a risk of overdose, however, like homeopathics, because they are affecting the subtle vibrational fields of the body (in the case of essences, the body’s EM field) they do have more profound effects in small dosages over time – the adage “less is more” would apply here. That being said, at Shanti Kai™ we listen to our product feedback and many people have reported having greatly enhanced effects by increasing usage. We hear this a lot especially with the Clear My Space™ and Guardian Angel™ blends. Thus at Shanti Kai™ we make suggestions about using our essences much like a food manufacturer might make a serving suggestion, but this is not meant as prescriptive. Moreover, Shanti Kai™ Essences, while they are used for desired effects, are never diagnostic. We may recommend products based on experience and overwhelming customer feedback, as well as on our knowledge of the essences and intended formulation effects.

Check out our Essence Selection Guide for suggestions on what essences might help based on different categories/issues. You can also start with our Starter Kit.

Another good place to start is with our Chakra Line since any health problems could be worked with based on the chakra the ailment is located in. For instance, for your liver you could try the 3rd or Manipura Chakra Blend. For physical healing in general, there are 5 go-to’s we think of as important healing tools: ImmunEase™Healer Within™Shungite Plus™Release It™, and Emerald Light™. (These are all found under Special Blends except the Emerald Light, which is under the Color Line).

You could also view our Companion Essences, which are essences that can be paired together to target an issue. Finally, check out this link for tips on working with the products: How to Work With Essences.

At Shanti Kai™, we are careful not to make ANY claims about physical healing or any type of healing for that matter, however, we do make suggestions about what type of improvement is possible based on what is known about the effects of individual essences as well as the synergy of essences found in our Combination Blends. More often than not, however, the suggestions we make have to do with the way the essences affect overall well being as opposed to any specific ailment.

Essences work best if the user actively works with them. If a person does not want the help an essence has to offer, the essence may exhibit little or no effective result. At Shanti Kai™, we suspect this has to do with the “mind over matter” principal. You see, Quantum Physics now tells us that one’s thinking exhibits a direct affect on one’s outcome via their EM field (hypnotherapy has been capitalizing on this principal for eons). Thus if an essence is shifting one’s EM field in one way, and the individual is countering it by exuding a pattern of thinking that directly contradicts or opposes the corrective pattern of the given essence, it is likely the oppositional thinking will win out. It seems essences, being a gift of nature, honor God’s design that man have free will. If, on the other hand, an individual is willing and open to personal transformation, evolution, and/or improvement, then the essences will work much as a wise elder guiding one along the path to their desired destination. (It should be noted however that one who is highly resistant to change may first do well to use an essence that softens their resistance to improvement and/or oppositional or contradictory predisposition prior to using an essence that is directed at the more obvious issue at hand.)

As stated above, Shanti Kai™ blends are multi-faceted, targeting generalized areas of specific issues. For instance Violet-White™ is a Meditation Blend that contains several individual essences for tuning out the distractions of the world outside as well as enhancing essences that help one to turn within to inner silence. Restated, the Violet-White Frequencies help blanket out activity on the more physical levels of being so one can connect on a higher spiritual level. As there are many ways that one may do this, and just how one effectively does this may depend on many different unique individual traits and distinctions (i.e. is one more visual or audible?), the essence covers several different aspects of these processes with the likelihood of having the desired effect of helping one to tune out and tune in. However, it’s important to remember that while essences do have immediate effects, to really understand or derive a maximum level of benefit it is highly recommended an essence be used over a period of time.

Custom Essence Blends on the other hand, are created specifically for an individual’s needs and thus will likely only have maximum benefit for the person it’s created for. Since each individual is vastly diverse and unique, a personalized or Custom Essence seeks to match the fingerprint of an individuals’ needs by taking into consideration a number of aspects of an individual and their current experience (much like in homeopathy). At Shanti Kai™, when making Custom Essence Blends, we employ an evaluation process which involves consideration of an extensive array (300 plus) single ingredient essences. Once selected, these ingredients are further winnowed for maximum effectiveness in blending synergies to find the combination most suited for the total wellness of an individual (while still addressing their specific concerns).

We recommend storing your Essences in a cool place at or below room temperature.  It’s also ideal to avoid putting them in direct sunlight.  If you have multiple Essences, we recommend keeping space between them, so the bottles aren’t touching.

There’s several things you can do to make use of the essences left at the bottom of the spray bottles. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Add to pure bath salts and massage into skin before bathing/showering.
  2. Add directly to bath water or foot-soak.
  3. Add to a bottle of pure carrier oil (such as Almond or Grapeseed oil) and apply topically.
  4. Add to a pure organic lotion or shampoo (that does not contain chemicals/preservatives).
  5. Add to Jojoba oil and apply as scalp/hair treatment
  6. Apply topically directly. (Using a carrier oil is better though because you don’t need much for one dose).
  7. If you think your pump might be stuck, you can try sterilizing scissors by boiling them thoroughly and then trim the pump at an angle. To avoid contamination, do not let anything unsterile touch the pump and do not breathe over the bottle. Essences are vibrational and the sterilization process is intensive, so it’s important not to contaminate them.

Essences are vibrational and the sterilization process is intensive, so it’s important not to contaminate them.

For sprays, we suggest you never open the bottle.  In the off chance there’s an issue with the pump and you think it might be stuck, you can try sterilizing scissors by boiling them thoroughly and then trim the pump at an angle. To avoid contamination, do not let anything unsterile touch the pump and do not breathe over the bottle.  We recommend dipping the pump in alcohol after to sterilize it before putting it back in the bottle.

For drops, be careful not to let the dropper make contact with your mouth, or with anything unsterile.  If you accidentally touch the dropper to anything, you need to boil water to sterilize it, clean it, and then put the dropper in alcohol before putting it back in the bottle.

Our Disclaimer

**Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Statements made about Shanti Kai™ Essence Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Always consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.