I have been working with Jayme periodically over a period of at least 10 years and Jayme’s intuitive expertise and guidance is like no other type of healing, certainly not the Western type of healing most of the population is accustomed to. Jayme is able to help you understand where there are energetic blocks in your body and how these blocks can or may be showing up as symptoms of imbalance. Our bodies naturally want to be in balance/harmonious and when something presents itself (physical pain, emotional, depression, anger, anxiety, sadness, etc.) we are being told – “hey, listen to me!”. The beauty of working with Jayme and her Hawaiian Essences is how quickly they target these imbalances and set you on the path to true healing! If you are reading this testimonial you were led here for a reason, open your heart and mind to this experience.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Kate Ryan

Jayme did some remote healing work on our family dog- she was being very skittish and fearful and was peeing all over the place, acting very strange and out of blue- ALL OF THE SUDDEN- almost like she was possessed or totally haunted. I had gone to see Jayme in person without the dog because I had scheduled an appointment for myself (for a different health related issue I was having) but as the dog situation escalated, that ended up being my reason for going to her that day- well that and my daughter (we will call her JT) whose odd behaviors seem somewhat interrelated in this instance, though I would’ve never surmised this on my own.

I arrived home after the session at Jayme’s totally amazed… for 2 reasons really. To explain, I should take a step back. I had also asked Jayme to do some work on JT. She is 13 and has autistic like tendencies- the doctors don’t know what to call what she has but I keep coming back to Jayme because her work has been the only thing that has helped JT thus far. I can’t explain it but when she works with JT, even though it’s remote (I typically don’t bring her because she’s hyperactive and can’t sit still for more than a few minutes at a time), so Jayme works on her remotely using me to connect into her.

Almost every time she works on JT, I come home and the main thing I notice nearly every time is her speech and language is so much clearer. I no longer hear excessive slurring of words and she’s actually able to make complete statements. This time too, it was like night and day from where I had left her that morning, before going to Jayme’s (and I should note, it had been quite some time since I’d last seen her for a session).

On this particular occasion I asked Jayme to help my dog and also to check on JT because she was behaving very strangely and doing really odd things- AND because her speech was bad again. Jayme removed what she described (in great detail) as an aggressive energy (as she described it) from my dog- she said it was making him behave badly and as she saw it, was the underlying reason why he was peeing all over the house. In fact she described it with enormous detail and I might’ve thought it was crazy, except that I know Jayme’s work. That day, she also did some clearing on JT and again, it was with elaborate detail (if you’ve worked with Jayme you know what I mean- the way she sees things can seem wild). But here’s the thing, when I went home that day JT had been sitting drawing, and my husband said she’s been like that for almost a couple hours- close to how long I’d been with Jayme in session. That was a huge surprise because she can’t usually hold her attention very long so I was curious what she was working on that had her so occupied.

When I went over to see what she’d been drawing, it totally took my breath away…. JT had drawn, in elaborate detail the energies that she was removing from both JT and the dog. I know I already said this but I must emphasize she’d drawn them in ENORMOUS detail AT THAT. Things that sound so weird they’re hard to describe, my daughter had drawn all of it, all of that while Jayme was working on JT and the dog remotely through me. What’s more, the more I looked at the pictures the more I realize some of the things JT has been saying when her speech has been slurred matched the things Jayme was seeing and told me about…. so I was able to piece together incoherent bits and pieces I’ve been hearing from JT overtime that Jayme couldn’t have possibly known of, and that I couldn’t have possibly understood before seeing this.

The second thing that amazed me was that the dog’s behavior had totally stopped when I came home- my husband said there’s been no peeing in a couple of hours and that he had just been sleeping peacefully for the longest time on his bed (even that was a good sign because he’s been irritable and growling and not resting in his usual places- very discontent). I continued with the Shanti Kai Bow-Wow Dog Essence as she told me to, for several days, and my dog never misbehaved that way again. JT’s speech also got better and stayed that way for about 3 months…. and counting. (JT typically does do better after seeing Jayme for some time, unless something triggers her and then that’s when I know to go back, but each time she does seem to get stronger than before.)

I know this might all sound wild but it’s what happened and I wanted to write this testimonial because I know how I felt running around to vets for mysterious behavior, medical doctors and therapists (all of whom helped JT in some way but none like Jayme) and even myself. I’d had chronic fatigue for years before seeing her. One day, I saw her products announced at a store and when I saw her picture I just knew I had to see her. After my very first appointment my energy came back. I was so excited I went back twice that same week and then continued to seek her help for the rest of my family. My parents, animals, friends, and children, and even some of my husband’s family go to her now- and I’m so grateful for her help and support through the years.

MicheleEngineer and Small Business Owner

Hi Jayme, I feel that was the best group session so far. I sat with my anxiety and let it move through me with your essences and now I feel like a different person. My body feels exhausted but relieved. My head cold/allergies also feels a lot better. Thank you! ??

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)


I enjoyed Jayme’s remote healing session. I am feeling the effects of the healing session and it has been over a week. Before the healing session, I have been worrying and feeling fearful of so many unknowns at my work, now that I am teaching and working virtually. My mind was filled with endless thoughts of “what ifs.” I went into the remote healing session with the intention of getting past these fears and just being more open to the moment.

After the session, instead of feeling lost in my thoughts, I decided to make tangible moves to benefit my thinking and being. I have been feeling the need to organize my home and clear out clutter that I didn’t even know accumulated in files and bins. It felt symbolic of me clearing out the old. This physical clearing of my space was inspired by the remote healing of my energy and aura. My mind started to think differently about my situation, less critical and anxious, more open to problem solving, creative resolutions and spontaneous flow. I’ve been feeling very creative and new, like different aspects of myself are changing. It’s hard to articulate but I’m noticing it’s effects and thought I’d share. I feel different, like something new is forming, hidden talents emerging, and a grounding and trust in my own intelligence and insight.

Thank you so much for offering these sessions. They are a beautiful offering.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Christina S.

I attend the group session on the family plan, which meant I signed up myself, husband, 2 children, and 2 cats, who have autoimmune disease, are extremely low energy, and one of which even requires steroid injections twice a week. Even with the injections he is still very lethargic, always tired overwhelmed by having to make any movement at all. After the remote group session, even though the energy was divided between 6 of us, when I went home the cats were flying around and playing, much more active than normal. After the session Jayme checked in with me and mentioned she felt strong healing energy going to my cats but she admitted feeling funny saying that as she thought I had healthy cats who I had just put in the healing to take advantage of the family plan. She was unsure why my cat was so prominently taking so much energy work but nonetheless told me this so I would know what she saw. Only after did I even tell her my cat is sick and requires steroids, but was vibrant and playful and running around, totally unexpected after the treatment.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Lori WilkeHawaii

Beautiful blue fluorite Mala. I love the bronze Shiva Mala and Tibetan guru bead. The 6mm beads are very classy. Breathtaking item!


My father actually attended one of these [Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing] sessions in absentia. I couldn’t believe that without even being on the zoom video, he actually said he felt something working on him and he even fell asleep at the time of the class, which is unusual for him. He has sleeping issues but this knocked him right out haha.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Stephanie V.

The first time I experienced the essence workshop, it felt like a huge load was taken off my back. I felt lighter and freer and my shoulder stopped hurting, which had been a problem spot for me since I started working remotely. The next day I woke up feeling as if I had slept better than I had in a long time, and I was able to think a lot more clearly. What a perfect way to get a tune up!

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)


I am very grateful to Jayme for relieving my sacrum and left hip pain during her recent Group Healing sessions via Zoom. She connected immediately although remotely. Jayme “sees” with her eyes closed and her Essences continuously helped release blockages. Who knew brain fog can be treated? She noted when my spine was cleared of anesthesia from past surgeries (even though she couldn’t have known about the surgeries) but she could “see” when the energy from the surgery left me. Once my spine opened, the Essences could work deeper into my lower Chakras. She saw my sciatica being cleared all the way down my left leg, though again, she didn’t technically know I had sciatica (I hadn’t told her) but she mentioned during the group healing that she was seeing the energy field she sees around sciatica clearing on someone, and it was me that very moment, and later I confirmed it. Another area which kept releasing were my shoulders. They had been like rocks but they softened! Even my breathing deepened. I’m a believer. The sharp pain has not returned and I now know which essences work best for me to continue on my healing journey.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)


We are so grateful to Jayme for the healing work that she has done for Donovan, our 11-year-old miniature Dachshund. Donnie has been receiving healing treatments from Jayme for the past 3.5 years and they have made a big difference in his overall health.

Donnie’s primary condition is called megaesophagus, which means his esophagus does not work normally to get the food down to his stomach. As a result, he regurgitates and sometimes aspirates. Numerous times he has had aspiration pneumonia which is a dangerous condition. With help from Jayme, Shanti Kai Essences, our vet, and others in a support group for dogs with ME, Donnie is doing well. This is amazing, especially since we have had so many close calls over the years, and many long nights up with Donnie who has at times been extremely ill.

Most recently Donnie had an infection in his paw that included a mass. The dermatologist felt could possibly be cancerous and require amputation. Even just getting a biopsy of the mass would include removing one of his toes.

Instead, we had a few healing sessions with Jayme. She transferred the energy of flower and gemstone essences to Donnie, allowing him to assimilate their healing frequencies. She named each flower and mineral as she transferred it and told us what she saw. Jayme expressed astonishment at how much black dark “energy” she “saw” spewing out of his paw during the treatments. She also saw energy clearing his ears and throat, areas which Donnie has struggled with and been treated with antibiotics for some time. Jayme expressed that she was focused on his paw, but the energy was distributing where the imbalance was. She could try to direct the essences to his paw, but his energy system is “interconnected” and as such she would at times see the essences going to other areas before entering his paw.

She worked for over 2 hours on Donnie before cautioning us that he might be very tired the next day (or even several days). The next day Donnie was exhausted. I let Jayme know about Donnie’s tiredness, and she told me she saw what looked like a fungal infection in his energy, especially his paw. We asked our vet about it and the vet agreed that this was highly likely. The vet told us that Donnie had an internal fungal and bacterial infection and she recommended that Donnie take two drugs to address these problems. As Donnie was still clearing from the treatment, I asked Jayme her thoughts about giving him medications. Jayme said she cannot diagnose or prescribe, but that when she prayed for guidance she was told “no” and we should wait. (Jayme told us that it was our decision and she cannot medically interfere with a vet’s guidance.)

About that time, the mass started seeming a little bit better. We decided to follow up with another clearing session which after waiting 10 days, Jayme thought it had been enough time to let him clear before working again. After the second session, she began seeing light come in his paw; she said enough “black stuff” had finally left his paw and that the light was finally moving in. As she transferred the essences to him, she would tell us where she saw each essence go into Donnie’s energy system, and what color or type of light or vibration she saw enter.

After the second treatment with Jayme, Donnie did not get so tired. Amazingly, the swelling on Donnie’s paw became smaller and stopped hurting when touched. Soon, it was fully healed…. without any antibiotics or other medical treatments, which was a miracle! Our vet was also impressed and pleased.

Another event demonstrates the help we have received working with Jayme. A couple years ago after Donnie had been seriously ill for an ongoing period, a reputable astrologer told us we were almost certain to lose him in the upcoming month of March. Donnie became ill and started aspirating. We asked Jayme for help; she worked with him several times that month, first to remove what she called the psychic “imprint” from the astrologer’s prediction. Then she worked with his energy to help strengthen him and support him in releasing trapped energy. She transferred the essences remotely, as she was away traveling at the time. Again, we had a miracle as Donnie made a full recovery, something even our dedicated vet had thought unlikely in its entirety. We were overjoyed that Donnie indeed got better and regained his strength!

We now apply Shanti Kai Essences along with a combined medical and holistic health regimen. We are very thankful to Jayme for all her healing work and care!

Susan and Jerry Ogami-Van Camp and Donovan

I recently participated in Jayme’s Remote Essence Group healing and I am still floating from the experience. I have been feeling tremendous anxiety and I didn’t realize it because it was so pervasive and I was just used to it. The essences have cleared a lot of my worries and anxieties and even pain in my back, neck and jaw. I notice that I am feeling more grounded, clear and centered. The remote session has had healing effects that can be felt immediately but also days later, when things start to shift in unexpected ways. A usual stressor at work was handled with ease and creativity. Conversations with friends and family were more open and fluid. I made healthier choices without too much effort. The remote healing session has also helped me integrate many essences that I have been using already and “see” them in a new light. I have also learned that distance is not an issue. The healing is in the moment, in the now, wherever you are present and relaxed.

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)


I’m a client of Jayme and I recently participated in her distant therapy group healing session. In the beginning I was skeptical but as we started the session I started to feel and receive her vibrational Essence Energy. It was amazing!! I felt it in multiple areas of my body I focused on breathing in and out and felt big releasing happening. As she sent Essences I felt things shifting and energies moving within my body. I no longer felt discomfort or pain I felt relieved I kept releasing during and even after the session.

The group session was amazing!! So powerful. Just like private session I could feel her as if she was right next to me. Her essences are so powerful they shift what need to be shifted and they promote overall health and healing If you are skeptical like me you should give her group session a try. You will be glad you did!!!!

Thank you Jayme for all that you do!!

(Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)

Abby A.


I wanted to write and say that I am feeling some energetic shifts in my work as a teacher because of the different essences. I feel more in tune with my students, lighter and more relaxed. I used to feel drained after a long day but now I’m finding hidden energy, patience and peace.

I know there is more to explore with the essences and science of vibrations, I just felt compelled to leave a testimony. After just a short time, I am noticing: a clean and clear classroom (Clear My Space), more in tune with nature and its vibrancy (Fairy Dust), feeling more playful, grounded and protected. (Guardian Angel, Earth Chakra). I feel that I am going at my own pace, rather than feel rushed. The influences of others in my aura are not as strong. I am also more aware to take care of myself in the moment. In addition, I am able to let my day go and be present with myself at night, rather than obsessively thinking about the day and all of my interactions. I am dancing and meditating again and taking time to do things that I enjoy.

I am so grateful to discover Shanti Kai essences. Much appreciation and gratitude from Atlanta. ??


I lost my brother and this loss fractured my soul. I went to seek grief counseling but felt as though I was just running around in a circle of depression. I felt heavy, clouded, cluttered and so drained. My whole life had changed and I was completely without desire and hope. I began suffering from migraines that started the day he passed away and became progressively worse and more frequent. The arthritis I had for years in my shoulder became unbearable, when normally I have no symptoms. But most of all, I was simply no longer functioning in life.

A friend of mine told me about her experience with Dr Jayme Jensen and I immediately set up a call with her. I knew that my issue was not on a physical level but on a soul level and my soul knew that Jayme would be able to help me. I had no idea what to expect but I received Jayme’s help with an open mind and heart.

Jayme has completely changed my life and the lives of all of my family after losing my brother. Jayme has been able to help all of us and in just a few months and only two phone calls with her, our lives have turned completely around. I could go into explicit details of all the things that she has done and helped us with, but this testimony would turn into a book. Jayme truly cares for the souls she helps. She has even taken her personal time to help me on a moments notice when I had an emergency. She has given me advice and knowledge that I hold so dear and it has all given me hope again and helped me grow. Losing your hope in life is something that I can’t even explain in words. But I was empty and lost and Jayme helped me find the light inside myself which has filled up again and now I’m able to heal myself and help others.

I read somewhere that “a healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” Jayme has helped clear me of things and open me up to my own light and it has made me strong and alive again. I will continue to seek guidance from Jayme for as long as she is willing to let me. I recommend her services to everyone that will hear me out and I have sent a number of my family members and close friends to her already. One day I will find a way to thank Jayme for all that she has done for me and my entire family.

Heather B.

When I started with Jayme some 5 years ago all I knew I wanted was to be happier and healthier. I didn’t go to her with much more of a specific goal than just that. Over the years she has always helped me focus on my needs and significantly helped me to bring out my true self.

How my happiness has heightened is relative to the changes we worked on in all the phases over the years. For example, when I first started we found that much work needed to be done on past relationships and it was time to try and draw in a healthier one. Several months after that I met my now current husband.

After that I started working on trust and when my husband first moved in not only did Jayme help me understand what I was experiencing and feeling, but also spent much time with me helping me heal all the trauma that led me to my trust issues. Much of what was learned here ultimately became a lesson for the rest of my life so that I can work in a more trusting and open hearted manner in stressful situations.

I started to really feel a need to shift my role and get to my path and expressed to Jayme that I’d like more training. After much guidance and soul searching I decided to go to school full time to become a licensed massage therapist. Once I completed school she advised me for the time being to just hold out a little bit in my job because she knew something was about to shift. Shortly after I was informed that my job would be moving to North Carolina. This would normally be bad news but you see, my husband and I had been trying to find a way out of where we were and this not only was a perfect opportunity but a long time dream come true for me.

We decided to get married shortly after the move. This stirred up much in my family dynamics that are too complex to explain. But with Jayme’s support and guidance many of those relationships have turned into ones that are much better than they were before family dynamics shifted. My mother and father for example use to never be able to be in the same room without feeling much tension. This could have lead to ignoring and in the past bickering and an always ever present amount of anger and blame. The other day my parents, brother, husband and myself actually all went out for lunch and celebrated my pregnancy, my father’s birthday and had a long conversation about our current situation with each other.

As of now Jayme helps my husband and dog directly with spiritual healing. She even uses me as an intermediate for healing certain family members that are either alive or deceased. In addition to this she provides me with information on her naturopathic expertise and experience. She has trained me in different forms of healing and certified me in 2 levels of essence therapy. She provides me with the tools and training to help myself and many around me. As far as her essences go, I have been using those over the years to help myself, my household, family and friends. They have proven to help us in ways that are described on her web site and even provide extra insight and healing in ways I didn’t expect. I never doubt the amount of healing potential any essence can possibly have on my day to day life and I have seen them do things like gradually help me forgive others and also quickly relieve me of tension and stress.

Overall, there have been just so many blessings to count that I am grateful for. And I can also see that at this point not only have I grown and healed as I had hoped I would start to do, but I also have gotten happier. The most beautiful part about it all is that so has everyone around me over the years.

SarahRaleigh, NC

I was referred to Jayme for a phone appointment because I was experiencing high stress in my work & marriage. I had chronic nervous habits like biting my nail & pulling my hair so much so that my nails were bitten all the way down past the cuticle. I was always embarrassed about my hands but couldn’t seem to stop. After just two sessions I was able to stop biting my nails for first time in 36 years! I didn’t really notice at first that I wasn’t having the urge to do this but then suddenly one day two weeks or so after the last session it occurred to me it had totally stopped… & never returned since. I don’t understand how Jayme managed to break my 36 year habit of nail biting with sessions over the phone- I still can’t believe it- I’m so grateful I met Jayme & am continuing to work with her for healing deeper levels of my stress & anxiety.

MarySan Francisco

The energy I felt when I opened this package was very healing- the mala is beautiful, the stones are beautiful and the pendant is unique and original! Highly highly recommend!


STUNNINGLY beautiful, I love it and it will be cherished. Beautifully packaged in two gorgeous bags and a metal tin. Great service and high quality from this shop. Thank you.


This mala took my breath away and the pictures do not do these amazing necklaces justice. They are absolutely enchanting. Thank you so much for everything. I can’t wait to add to my collection.


Words can express just how much I love my Mala. It is so beautiful and the delivery was fast with extra gifts added. Truly appreciated


I am so in love with this absolutely amazing mala and sprays. The pictures don’t do it justice. It was packaged well, easy to open, and came faster then expected. It was such an amazing experience that I had to buy 3 more lol. Thank you so much for your care, or is truly appreciated.


Wow! First of all, everything was packaged and set up incredibly beautifully. Second, touching this mala I felt a sort of intention and light that made my heart feel so so warm. Additionally, the included clearing crystal spray is lovely, and also works not just with the mala, but also with any other crystals. The kunzite and jade literally sing to me when they touch my skin/body. Thank you so much for the work you are doing! And thank you for this beautiful tool in my spiritual journey.


This Mala is so much more beautiful in person than in photos. The Gemstones are so vivid and AAA grade- no corners cut. I had it priced by a local gemologist who said the pendant alone was worth what I paid!!! Love it!!!! Thank you Shanti????????????


This mala is absolutely gorgeous and such wonderful energy radiates from it! Pictures just cannot do it justice. Thank you so very much!

Sarah S.