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There was a morning about a year ago when I woke ill. I had people flying in and was nauseated and weak. I was speaking to Jayme on the phone and she said “let me try to help you”. I was quiet for about 45 minutes as she worked energetically to shift essences to me. I could not believe the...

Alice B.

My cat, Ollie, has had chronic respiratory infections throughout the years, especially during periods of stress. Every time I moved to a new place, the stress would weaken her immune system and she’d develop a respiratory infection. I’d have to bring her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. This is always a horrible and stressful experience for both...


These products literally changed my life. They work on so many levels in so many ways that other products do not. Super thankful to have found them. Highly recommended!


The only problem with these amazing essences is finding enough room in my house to fit all of them! I use them everyday, recommend them to clients, family and friends. They help enhance, strengthen, and harmonize all the areas of life that matter—-heart, mind, body and spirit. I can’t imagine living without them! Love Love Love Shanti Kai and Jayme!


I love Shanti Kai essences. I use them religiously, they really work!!


First off. I never leave home without my essences. Not only for myself but for my husband baby and dog too. My favorites are white light because it helps me integrate. emerald light because it makes me feel like I’m in a beautiful garden and lightens my mood. guardian angel because it shields me and my family. clear my space...


I use these essences 99% of the time for work. Having a project based job means I spend a lot l time rushing to meet deadlines. Using my two favorite sprays of Lighten Up & Mercurease keep me both grounded and balanced.


I was never a fan of flower essences until I tried Shanti Kai Essences. They worked on a subtle but powerful level for me from Day 1 and I have started using them on my clients, who have reported experiencing benefits as well. I have also had the privilege of several sessions with Jayme Jensen and have found her to...

Michelle M.

I use these on the whole family. The children line up every morning and evening to get their mist down…it’s cute…and my teen notices the difference in her day if she forgets her spray. Love Shanti Kai♡


I love this line of essences!


Great essences. They truly work. For best results use them with a treatment from Jayme.


Love love love them!!

Ken M.

Amazing products…


I am a loyal user of this Hawaiian Essence Line. Would not use any other! The new color line is my absolute fave!!!


Love love love shanti kai essences. Use them all the time on my family.


I am so thankful that I was introduced to these essence from shanti kai, they have helped me and continue to help me. I first had a session with Jayme, what an amazing thing it was, brought a lot of clarification to things I have thought about and things I was in lost for. My first spray I got was...


Worked with the essences for a land clearing at home. Just can’t imagine not having the tools to keep my home’s energy clean and pure! We are all grateful!


I have no idea how I’ve ever started a new job in the past without essences. I just finished my first week at a new position and the first few days felt very stressful. I had to get used to a completely new area, in the middle of the city, with a lot more people, tall buildings, and new energies....

Sandra S.

I greatly appreciate your wonderful flower essences.  The first day or two of using them I felt a huge shift happening in my whole being. Very hard to fully explain though.  I ordered the Honopono because on your website it says its good for trauma and I definitely have had a lot of trauma in my life, especially when I was younger...

John M.

I can’t stress enough how much this entire line of essences are helped me in my growth and helped me to release old habits and gain new perspective on my life. They are like putting on a new pair of glasses that help to release old views of things and see things in a whole new way.


Amazing!! Used with the right intentions can change your vibration & life 🙂 Thank you for all of the years of research, work, & love you put into each bottle.

Anna S.

I’m not sure what I would do without Jayme’s healing services or the Shanti Kai essence line. Both have been so instrumental to my healing and growth. Since starting to work with her, negative patterns and burden that I thought I might always carry, have lifted, or begun to lift. Her help has been an answer to my prayers in...


Aloha! I wanted to write and say that I am feeling some energetic shifts in my work as a teacher because of the different essences. I feel more in tune with my students, lighter and more relaxed. I used to feel drained after a long day but now I’m finding hidden energy, patience and peace. I know there is more...