With the Year of the Water Tiger newly arrived and #ValentinesDay drawing nigh, it’s the perfect time to pickup a bottle of Shanti Kai™️ Clarity™️ and start getting “crystal clear” about the direction you want to take for the New Year (#meow #roar #hiss). What is it you wish for to aspire to achieve? … Which way should you go? Which direction should you take?

OR… if the upcoming VDay has you wondering “is he the one?” .. definitely get some Clarity™️ before you have too much fun! A bottle of Clarity™️ before a bottle of wine can help you hit “reset” WITHOUT the regret.

But you don’t need to be at a critical crossroads to make a life altering decision… every step you take, every move you make (… every breath you take …) brings you increasingly closer to the future at stake. For much of your destiny is the life you create – decided in moments -and not up to Fate. All the small moments add to a sum -deciding in increments what you become. Karma is like the wake a boat leaves behind, by the time you can see it, you can’t change your mind. For it’s path and it’s destiny are set in its tide and all you can do is go along for the ride.

If you have ever found yourself unwittingly playing a part in a situation you wish to ignore, or in a job, relationship, or circumstance you totally abhor… if life just keeps throwing you more twists and turns- we recommend Clarity™️ to avoid future burns. And If this Valentine’s you do happen to be at a crossroads in life – we recommend Clarity™️ before choosing a wife. For if you simply can’t see how to choose right- working with Clarity™️ will show you the Light. So often the voices in your head can become like a shout- and the voice in your heart gets totally washed out. Clarity™️ Essence is not for cutting through brain fog or cutting out fat (… you can try MercurEase™️ or Indigo Light™️ for that) but for knowing from within which way to go.- for learning to trust that your heart will know. Whether it’s something huge – “do I take the job or make the move?” – or as simple as “which shirt do I pack? Or “should I eat that?” 💎 You can count on Clarity™️ to have your back.

Rather than spinning in the wheels of karma, try turning inward and aligning with dharma. Just take a pause for the Tiger New Year, and start working with Clarity™️ until you feel clear. Just pick up the bottle and give it a shake, spray over your forehead until you’re “awake”. Spray over your heart both front and back – while envisioning a future without any lack. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale- then spray through your aura and cover it well. And areas of tension you mustn’t forget, target the stress by making it wet. Our Clarity™️ Essence is bolstered with flowers- robust yet subtle, its synergy empowers. So make up your mind to always align- to make an amend before you hit “send”. Spray the base of your neck and all over your spine – affirming out loud “my life is Divine”. For guided by Light you’ll never choose wrong, just make a choice and stand in it strong. Whoever you are whatever you do, our Clarity™️ Essence will surely help you!