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Jayme, today Kelly* is doing soooo much better. She was able to stand up, walk around and go to the bathroom on her own. These are very big steps as the day before she was very weak and completely bed-ridden with infection [and downtrodden from her doctor’s diagnosis that the cancer treatments all have failed and she is dying]. Her...

Natalie P.

Note: this has been edited by author on February 24, 2016 with updates. I was having back problems and surgery was recommended. I also had a torn Achilles tendon that was causing problems for me walking. We decided to pursue repair of the Achilles in hopes that normal walking would help my back problems some. I did the normal PT...


Jayme is the most gifted healer I’ve ever worked with. She was able to help me when no one else could.

Anna S.

Before I started doing private sessions with Jayme, I was in a pretty low place, emotionally. I had almost always struggled with issues of feeling depressed and down on myself and feeling like I’m different from everyone and misunderstood. During school years I imagined that it was something that would just go away in adulthood and that after I got...

Ryan C.

Boston Marathon: I first came to Jayme in 2009 at the referral of a friend for my low back pain. I had been keeping it under control with massage and chiropractic care, but one day I woke up and it hurt so bad I couldn’t move. My friend insisted I go see Jayme and so I went. Jayme had me...

Jeremiah S.

I heard about Jayme through a close friend. She shared with me the wonderful experiences she had working with Jayme and how through spiritual healing she was able to accomplish things she never was able to during therapy. Having a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, & being a scientific researcher, I was skeptical. I understand science and how the mind...

Jen R.

I have known Jayme since 2005 when she became one of my most dedicated yoga students at The Yoga Loft and one of the most valuable members of The Yoga Loft team. I was very interested in Jayme as an Alternative Health Practitioner, not only for myself, but also for my students whom I knew would benefit greatly from working...

Alice B.

When I arrived at my first breathworks workshop led by Jayme, I had no idea what to expect. Jayme gently guided all of us through the process and created a safe and comfortable place. While breathing, my entire body tingled like nothing I had experienced before. All different kinds of emotions rose up from different memories that came to mind,...


I first worked with Jayme in 2010 as she came at the highest recommendation of a very close friend who had struggled with some of the same issues as I do (anxiety, existential crises, relationship issues and the like, haha). At the time, I was in a major emotional crisis with regards to a relationship I was in which had...


There was a morning about a year ago when I woke ill. I had people flying in and was nauseated and weak. I was speaking to Jayme on the phone and she said “let me try to help you”. I was quiet for about 45 minutes as she worked energetically to shift essences to me. I could not believe the...

Stephen B.

Words cannot possibly express how grateful I am that Jayme came into my life. When I met her I was at a serious low, feeling constantly depressed, frustrated, anxious, and misunderstood. Through everything I have learned from working with her, I have moved out of that space and into one where I have more understanding, compassion for myself and others,...


I first met Jayme through my wife, girlfriend at the time, at a workshop she was doing in our area. She had us go through some gentle yoga poses for a while and then had us sit quietly for a long time and did some regression work with us. During that experience I felt very connected with myself, my ancestors,...


I am a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), Reiki Practitioner, Musician, Writer, and Performer. I came to Jayme about two years ago in one of the worst states in my life. I had major anxiety, depression, body aches, hated my job, hated where I was living, had major writers block, my voice was not feeling well and just pretty much was...


I’m a client of Jayme, who is an amazing healer. She has helped me in many situations.  Jayme uses many different techniques in our sessions. The result was always unforeseen for me. Sometimes I got insight about my relationship with the parents, siblings, world, &  sometimes I saw myself as a baby and then I could understand myself  as an...

Vee M.

I really want to thank Jayme for all the energy work that she has done not only for me but for my family as well. I have had several sessions with Jayme. Each session was calming and very validating for every issue that came up. As an intuitive and empath, I have had issues with dealing with other people’s energies....

Pam A.

Working with Jayme has and is an incredible gift. A gift that I believe is somehow part of a larger spiritual purpose and I’m very grateful to have met her and received healing sessions from her. Even as I say that – there’s a part of me that still runs away from some of the work – and Jayme understands...


I’ve always been curious about why things happen the way they do in life. I felt like certain events had to have a reason. I didn’t grow up religious or spiritual. I had gone to psychics in the past & it had felt like a scam, it felt like they didn’t know me at all, & it didn’t seem like...


I began working with Jayme in 2015. She is an amazing guide and partner with me in my journey to heal and evolve as a spiritual being. Jayme is extremely adept in navigating the waters of energy at all levels—mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and has great capacity working with many therapeutic modalities. I have worked with several therapies over...


How can I explain the session with Jayme? It’s a challenge, a journey, when you come to her with some simple issue, pain for example, but the healing is on so deep level, that you started to remember things in your life that you was not even capable to remember. It looks like you have different eyes now and they...

Molly M.

My name is Molly Mckenzie & I’m the former owner of Coyote Moon, a metaphysical gift and book store in Baton Rouge, La, that is now owned by my son Doug. As a shop owner, I always felt it was my responsibility to work with the products on myself before I felt comfortable suggesting them to others. In early 2011...

Rocco D.

When I first started working with Jayme 4 years ago, I was not in a good space – professionally I was miserable, physically I was fatigued & had chronic aches, mentally I couldn’t control my anxiety and suffered severe panic attacks, creatively I felt stuck,  and emotionally I was in a very unhealthy space with my relationships. I was fortunate...


Testimonial on our Amethyst Light™ Webinar: As an artist, I’ve struggled with having to work a day job and the frustration that comes from not being able to pursue my art full time, due to the need to support myself financially. I also struggle with wondering whether I am really contributing anything meaningful to the world through my art. I came...


I sought guidance and assistance from Jayme because I had been feeling miserable with my career and unhappy with life even though I tried so many things to find happiness — I’ve vented my frustrations to friends and family, watched many inspirational documentaries and movies, talked to a therapist, and have even sought advice from various psychics/intuitive readers. Although it...

Sarah D.

My true self wanted a way to shine and Jayme was the answer to my prayers. Now almost two years later, I can confidently say that my life has not only become more fulfilling, but healthier and happier because of her dedicated help. With her aid I have provided for myself a path in being closer to God, a healthy...


I’ve been seeing Jayme for over a year now, and she is truly amazing at what she does. She is caring and nurturing; her warm and supportive nature always makes me feel comfortable when I work with her. I trust her completely. She has a plethora of therapy techniques, all of which are extremely effective. She knows how to get...

Alice B.

My cat, Ollie, has had chronic respiratory infections throughout the years, especially during periods of stress. Every time I moved to a new place, the stress would weaken her immune system and she’d develop a respiratory infection. I’d have to bring her to the vet and put her on antibiotics. This is always a horrible and stressful experience for both...


Over the years I’ve come to Jayme with a lot of financial and work dilemmas. Sometimes it would be a question of whether I’m at the right job or in the right industry. Other times it would be fear of not having enough income. The answers I received from Jayme were sometimes surprising but always correct in the long run....


I can’t thank you enough from the bottom of my new heart. You are truly a blessing!!!!!!


These products literally changed my life. They work on so many levels in so many ways that other products do not. Super thankful to have found them. Highly recommended!


The only problem with these amazing essences is finding enough room in my house to fit all of them! I use them everyday, recommend them to clients, family and friends. They help enhance, strengthen, and harmonize all the areas of life that matter—-heart, mind, body and spirit. I can’t imagine living without them! Love Love Love Shanti Kai and Jayme!


I love Shanti Kai essences. I use them religiously, they really work!!


First off. I never leave home without my essences. Not only for myself but for my husband baby and dog too. My favorites are white light because it helps me integrate. emerald light because it makes me feel like I’m in a beautiful garden and lightens my mood. guardian angel because it shields me and my family. clear my space...


I use these essences 99% of the time for work. Having a project based job means I spend a lot l time rushing to meet deadlines. Using my two favorite sprays of Lighten Up & Mercurease keep me both grounded and balanced.


I was never a fan of flower essences until I tried Shanti Kai Essences. They worked on a subtle but powerful level for me from Day 1 and I have started using them on my clients, who have reported experiencing benefits as well. I have also had the privilege of several sessions with Jayme Jensen and have found her to...

Michelle M.

I use these on the whole family. The children line up every morning and evening to get their mist down…it’s cute…and my teen notices the difference in her day if she forgets her spray. Love Shanti Kai♡


I love this line of essences!


Great essences. They truly work. For best results use them with a treatment from Jayme.


Love love love them!!

Ken M.

Amazing products…


I am a loyal user of this Hawaiian Essence Line. Would not use any other! The new color line is my absolute fave!!!


Love love love shanti kai essences. Use them all the time on my family.


I am so thankful that I was introduced to these essence from shanti kai, they have helped me and continue to help me. I first had a session with Jayme, what an amazing thing it was, brought a lot of clarification to things I have thought about and things I was in lost for. My first spray I got was...


Worked with the essences for a land clearing at home. Just can’t imagine not having the tools to keep my home’s energy clean and pure! We are all grateful!


I have no idea how I’ve ever started a new job in the past without essences. I just finished my first week at a new position and the first few days felt very stressful. I had to get used to a completely new area, in the middle of the city, with a lot more people, tall buildings, and new energies....

Sandra S.

I greatly appreciate your wonderful flower essences.  The first day or two of using them I felt a huge shift happening in my whole being. Very hard to fully explain though.  I ordered the Honopono because on your website it says its good for trauma and I definitely have had a lot of trauma in my life, especially when I was younger...

John M.

I can’t stress enough how much this entire line of essences are helped me in my growth and helped me to release old habits and gain new perspective on my life. They are like putting on a new pair of glasses that help to release old views of things and see things in a whole new way.


Jayme is an enlightened and effective healer with the ability to bring about change. Her descriptive and accurate explanations convey a clear understanding of the spiritual activities that affect. I strongly endorse her for her strong abilities and kind and supportive nature. Before visiting Jayme, I was blocked and muddling my way through a number of spiritual challenges. Rather than...


No matter how long and detailed of a testimonial I attempt to write, I will never be able to give Dr. Jayme enough credit. She has worked on me, my husband, and other members of our family because we cannot recommend her enough. I honestly can’t even list all that she’s done for us, it cannot be properly put into...


Jayme has more than connected with my presence. She had moved me with her sensibility to communicate clearly and precisely. She uses the perfect analogy to simplify what has transpired, what is current, and what ones road may lead. Jayme I just truly want to give back to you by saying. You are more than a wonderful reader. You are...


Amazing!! Used with the right intentions can change your vibration & life 🙂 Thank you for all of the years of research, work, & love you put into each bottle.

Anna S.

I’m not sure what I would do without Jayme’s healing services or the Shanti Kai essence line. Both have been so instrumental to my healing and growth. Since starting to work with her, negative patterns and burden that I thought I might always carry, have lifted, or begun to lift. Her help has been an answer to my prayers in...

Sarah D.

Wow this mala was even more gorgeous in person! I just love it, and it got to my house so fast!


I ordered two malas as gifts and they are sooo beautiful!! They looked even better in person!! I’m very happy with my purchase. Very fast shipping too! I’ll definitely be ordering more in the future.


Beautiful mala!! I’m very happy with my purchase, the mala was great quality and even prettier in person. I received it super quick too! I’ll definitely be ordering again soon!!


Absolutely wonderful. Jai Maa!


This is beyond stunning! I was so excited to receive it and it has such a wonderful energy and weight to it. There is so much beautiful spiritual depth to these pieces that the pictures don’t do justice. I love this mala, it’s my first one and it’s so special to me. Great communication and seller and customer service.


Very beautiful creation, fast shipping, lovely seller. The mala also has beautiful healing energy. Thank you!!


Absolutely gorgeous mala! Beautiful design, and wonderful energy. Excellent communication from seller, great gift packaging and fast shipping. All and all a great experience.


I am so honored to have received this Mala. The stones and details are beautiful. You can feel the love and energy that went into creating it. It feels like it was made just for me!! Service was excellent and shipping was super fast. Already contemplating my next purchase. Thank you!!

Sarah D.

Bought this as a gift and they loved it – very beautiful and clearly a lot of love and great energy was put into it.

Sarah S.

This mala is absolutely gorgeous and such wonderful energy radiates from it! Pictures just cannot do it justice. Thank you so very much!


This Mala is so much more beautiful in person than in photos. The Gemstones are so vivid and AAA grade- no corners cut. I had it priced by a local gemologist who said the pendant alone was worth what I paid!!! Love it!!!! Thank you Shanti????????????


Wow! First of all, everything was packaged and set up incredibly beautifully. Second, touching this mala I felt a sort of intention and light that made my heart feel so so warm. Additionally, the included clearing crystal spray is lovely, and also works not just with the mala, but also with any other crystals. The kunzite and jade literally sing...


I am so in love with this absolutely amazing mala and sprays. The pictures don’t do it justice. It was packaged well, easy to open, and came faster then expected. It was such an amazing experience that I had to buy 3 more lol. Thank you so much for your care, or is truly appreciated.


Words can express just how much I love my Mala. It is so beautiful and the delivery was fast with extra gifts added. Truly appreciated


This mala took my breath away and the pictures do not do these amazing necklaces justice. They are absolutely enchanting. Thank you so much for everything. I can’t wait to add to my collection.


STUNNINGLY beautiful, I love it and it will be cherished. Beautifully packaged in two gorgeous bags and a metal tin. Great service and high quality from this shop. Thank you.


The energy I felt when I opened this package was very healing- the mala is beautiful, the stones are beautiful and the pendant is unique and original! Highly highly recommend!


I was referred to Jayme for a phone appointment because I was experiencing high stress in my work & marriage. I had chronic nervous habits like biting my nail & pulling my hair so much so that my nails were bitten all the way down past the cuticle. I was always embarrassed about my hands but couldn’t seem to stop....


When I started with Jayme some 5 years ago all I knew I wanted was to be happier and healthier. I didn’t go to her with much more of a specific goal than just that. Over the years she has always helped me focus on my needs and significantly helped me to bring out my true self. How my happiness...

Heather B.

I lost my brother and this loss fractured my soul. I went to seek grief counseling but felt as though I was just running around in a circle of depression. I felt heavy, clouded, cluttered and so drained. My whole life had changed and I was completely without desire and hope. I began suffering from migraines that started the day...


Aloha! I wanted to write and say that I am feeling some energetic shifts in my work as a teacher because of the different essences. I feel more in tune with my students, lighter and more relaxed. I used to feel drained after a long day but now I’m finding hidden energy, patience and peace. I know there is more...

Abby A.

I’m a client of Jayme and I recently participated in her distant therapy group healing session. In the beginning I was skeptical but as we started the session I started to feel and receive her vibrational Essence Energy. It was amazing!! I felt it in multiple areas of my body I focused on breathing in and out and felt big...


I recently participated in Jayme’s Remote Essence Group healing and I am still floating from the experience. I have been feeling tremendous anxiety and I didn’t realize it because it was so pervasive and I was just used to it. The essences have cleared a lot of my worries and anxieties and even pain in my back, neck and jaw....

Susan and Jerry Ogami-Van Camp and Donovan

We are so grateful to Jayme for the healing work that she has done for Donovan, our 11-year-old miniature Dachshund. Donnie has been receiving healing treatments from Jayme for the past 3.5 years and they have made a big difference in his overall health. Donnie’s primary condition is called megaesophagus, which means his esophagus does not work normally to get...


I am very grateful to Jayme for relieving my sacrum and left hip pain during her recent Group Healing sessions via Zoom. She connected immediately although remotely. Jayme “sees” with her eyes closed and her Essences continuously helped release blockages. Who knew brain fog can be treated? She noted when my spine was cleared of anesthesia from past surgeries (even...


The first time I experienced the essence workshop, it felt like a huge load was taken off my back. I felt lighter and freer and my shoulder stopped hurting, which had been a problem spot for me since I started working remotely. The next day I woke up feeling as if I had slept better than I had in a...

Stephanie V.

My father actually attended one of these [Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing] sessions in absentia. I couldn’t believe that without even being on the zoom video, he actually said he felt something working on him and he even fell asleep at the time of the class, which is unusual for him. He has sleeping issues but this knocked him right...


Beautiful blue fluorite Mala. I love the bronze Shiva Mala and Tibetan guru bead. The 6mm beads are very classy. Breathtaking item!

Lori Wilke

I attend the group session on the family plan, which meant I signed up myself, husband, 2 children, and 2 cats, who have autoimmune disease, are extremely low energy, and one of which even requires steroid injections twice a week. Even with the injections he is still very lethargic, always tired overwhelmed by having to make any movement at all....

Christina S.

I enjoyed Jayme’s remote healing session. I am feeling the effects of the healing session and it has been over a week. Before the healing session, I have been worrying and feeling fearful of so many unknowns at my work, now that I am teaching and working virtually. My mind was filled with endless thoughts of “what ifs.” I went...

Kate Ryan

I have been working with Jayme periodically over a period of at least 10 years and Jayme’s intuitive expertise and guidance is like no other type of healing, certainly not the Western type of healing most of the population is accustomed to. Jayme is able to help you understand where there are energetic blocks in your body and how these...


Engineer and Small Business Owner

Jayme did some remote healing work on our family dog- she was being very skittish and fearful and was peeing all over the place, acting very strange and out of blue- ALL OF THE SUDDEN- almost like she was possessed or totally haunted. I had gone to see Jayme in person without the dog because I had scheduled an appointment...


Hi Jayme, I feel that was the best group session so far. I sat with my anxiety and let it move through me with your essences and now I feel like a different person. My body feels exhausted but relieved. My head cold/allergies also feels a lot better. Thank you! ?? (Testimonial on our Vibrational Essence Therapy Group Healing Session)