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Purrfect Sense

Read what our customers have to say about Shanti Kai’s Purrfect Sense™ Essence Blend for cats! My poor Archie was having a very hard time transitioning after a move – at the moment we are living somewhere I am not able to let him outside, though I have always purposely chosen places in the past…

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Release It Testimonial

This week we are focusing on Shanti Kai’s Release It™ special blend. Release It™ can be used for release on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of being. It has a core synergy of ingredients that break down and dissolve blockages, draw out toxicity, release resistance, and encourage surrender, acceptance and being in the flow.…

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MercureEase Testimonial

This past week we’ve been featuring MercurEase to highlight the need for clear communication and a balanced mind this time of year… Let’s face it, holidays and family gatherings can be intense! Today we are posting a customer testimonial – shout out to North Carolina folks! xoxo

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