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December Astro Trio

25% Off December Astro Trio: Intuition™, MercurEase™, & Svadhisthana™ (Sacral Chakra)

December Astro Trio SALE! 15% off each or 25% off all 3! Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini kicks off a powerful month, astrologically bringing in shifts and new energy for the upcoming year. This full moon is a Super Moon, making it especially powerful, not to mention that Gemini’s ruler Mercury enters its 4th and…

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MercurEase and Removing Obstacles

Making Mercury Retrograde Work for you with our Retrograde Companion Essences

Mercury Retrograde and its Impact Now August is an extra special month because on top of having two eclipses, Mercury also just went Retrograde! Retrogrades are all about finding out what isn’t working for you so you can release it, work through it and heal. Miscommunication, scheduling, transportation and technological problems can bring out the…

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Healer Within and Harmony Companion Essences

Going deep into the SHADOWS with our Eclipse Companion Essence Sprays

August Eclipses “Eclipses” occur when light from one celestial body is obscured by the passage of another. The source of illumination, depending on the type of eclipse, is concealed or darkened. This month we’ve already had our August 7th partial lunar eclipse and August 21st gives us the much anticipated total solar eclipse. These rare…

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Imagine Essence for Neptune in Retrograde

Imagine Essence™ for Neptune in Retrograde

Neptune in Retrograde is a great time to take advantage of Shanti Kai™ Imagine Essence – which was designed to help harmonize with the positive aspects of Neptune while mitigating the negative. It’s designed with a synergy of flowers and gemstones to help balance both ends of the extremes – from being overly disciplined or…

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Shanti Kai Fairy Dust Essence

Fairy Dust™ Essence ~ In Dust We Trust

Fairy Dust is a magical Essence that brings the enchantment of the nature realm to your fingertips. Far from its name, however, this is no “lightweight” blend. It is synergized with an array of Cymbidium orchids that help to raise your frequencies so that you can tune into guidance from the higher vibrational realms of…

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