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December Astro Trio

25% Off December Astro Trio: Intuition™, MercurEase™, & Svadhisthana™ (Sacral Chakra)

December Astro Trio SALE! 15% off each or 25% off all 3! Tomorrow’s Full Moon in Gemini kicks off a powerful month, astrologically bringing in shifts and new energy for the upcoming year. This full moon is a Super Moon, making it especially powerful, not to mention that Gemini’s ruler Mercury enters its 4th and…

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MercurEase and Removing Obstacles

Making Mercury Retrograde Work for you with our Retrograde Companion Essences

Mercury Retrograde and its Impact Now August is an extra special month because on top of having two eclipses, Mercury also just went Retrograde! Retrogrades are all about finding out what isn’t working for you so you can release it, work through it and heal. Miscommunication, scheduling, transportation and technological problems can bring out the…

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Healer Within and Harmony Companion Essences

Going deep into the SHADOWS with our Eclipse Companion Essence Sprays

August Eclipses “Eclipses” occur when light from one celestial body is obscured by the passage of another. The source of illumination, depending on the type of eclipse, is concealed or darkened. This month we’ve already had our August 7th partial lunar eclipse and August 21st gives us the much anticipated total solar eclipse. These rare…

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Christmas Divinity Companion Essences

Christmas Divinity Companion Essences

Christmas Divinity Companion Essences: Guardian Angel & Golden Aura – on sale for 20% OFF for a limited time! Guardian Angel™ and Golden Aura™ are our two top Essences for protection and increased energy shielding. Golden Aura™ is our Christ Consciousness Blend – containing some of the highest frequency and most energizing orchids, gems, and…

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Balanced Communication Companion Essences

MercurEase™ and Vishuddha™ for Balanced Communication

MercurEase™ is loaded with flowers and gemstones that may help one to think outside the box, may benefit artistic endeavors such as writing expressively, and may help the mind assimilate information more quickly. It’s also our premier Essence for the mental processing involved in communication – the mind-throat connection – taking information apart, assimilating it,…

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Intuition and MercurEase Set

New Moon Sale!

Tonight’s New Moon marks the Sun and the Moon’s alignment in Gemini – a sign ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication) and Shanti Kai™ is having a New Moon Sale. Get 15% off either our Intuition™ or Mercurease™ blends individually or get 20% off when you buy the Companion Essence set. More on the…

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Valentine Essences on Sale!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are offering 10% off our Valentine Essences: Venus™: Invoking One’s Inner Diva ~ Inspiriting Beauty, Romance, Love & Attraction Mars™: Men’s Balance ~ Raw Energy ~ Creative Force ~ Empowerment Attract™: Create ~ Manifest ~ Draw In ~ Ultimate Manifestation Tool Jasmine™: Divine Love ~ Inspiration/Upliftment ~ Invoking Altruism ~…

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Removing Obstacles and Prosperity

Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™ for Creating a Bright Future

Using Removing Obstacles™ and Prosperity™ Essence blends together allow for a powerful, conscious means of working with the energy of almost any given situation or issue to move towards the physical manifestation of our goals. Removing Obstacles™ helps release and remove obstacles and counter resistance while Prosperity™ promotes expansion, opportunity, and success. Use these essences…

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Mercurease Intuition Transformation

Shanti Kai™ 2016 New Years Kit

The Shanti Kai™ 2016 New Years Kit has arrived… Just in time to save you from the Mercury Retrograde, the challenges of Pluto, and the complications of the New Moon! That’s right… The New Year is here and the Universe is already throwing us a doozy… January’s Capricorn New Moon occurs on Saturday, 1/9 (or Sunday, 1/10) and initiates…

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